7 Best Romantic COUPLE FRIENDLY Hotels in India


Couple Friendly Hotels in India! Yes! We are living here in India where moral policing has always been massively important and the place where most people have problems with couples. For instance, a couple holding hands in public or going on a vacation together has always been a big issue or maybe scowled upon. It will be better if the statement can be put forth like this, where you just tag along with your friend from the opposite sex and this will make other people give you a judgmental look. When it comes to staying out and having fun together with friends or with your favourite people or couples, it becomes a big deal to book a hotel. Meanwhile, the truth is that there is no law which prohibits an unmarried couple from staying together in the hotel provided both are of legal age and the stay is consensual.  However, some hotel comes forward to allow unmarried couples to stay together such as StayUncle, Treebo and Goibibo. After multiple analyses, it has been noticed that the a growing need for couple-friendly rooms. There are so many offers for booking hotels through these hotel apps. Here are some lists of couple-friendly hotels in India.


Yes! Manali is an alluring resort town which is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is wrapped in ice-covered mountains. Manali is being a favourite place for many couples and is known for ice skating, tracking, mountaineering and paragliding. So, when couples select Manali to hang out, Treebo welcomes unmarried couples. It will offer you a range of 2-star, 3-star and also budget hotels according to your requirements. To mention specifically, Treebo Trend Celebriti which is available with a very good ambience and is encircled by mountains and located near the Beas River. It will also be providing a beautiful view from the balcony of the hotel and it offers a peaceful environment as well. Yet another hotel option for couples is Treebo Trend Woodstock Inn.

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Locals use to call Shimla ‘Simla’, which is the capital of the city of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla’s beautiful and enthralling weather is the most important attraction, especially in the hot season. When it comes to staying here as an unmarried couple, you can enjoy your stay with the best couple-friendly hotels. Treebo Trend Varuna proffers hotel rooms with clean service and is situated in a good location where you can enjoy the walking experience in the hills along with your loved one and is worth choosing the hotel to stay in.


When it comes to the Southern part of India, you might have noticed the demand for couple-friendly hotels. Pondicherry serves promising features, scenic attractions, and vivacious beaches and is also known to be the largest city of the mentioned union territory. Yet the city is bounded by traditional values as well as modern thoughts, progress has to be done on both sides. And so, it permits the unmarried couples to stay in the hotels. So, you can book via- Goibibo or Treebo over here in Pondicherry. Hotels such as Treebo Trend South Avenue offers all prospects and has good services yet another hotel is D’Inn which is also a couple-friendly hotel and has been offering good service and neat rooms along with a tiny balcony for stargazing with your favourite person.


Goa is a vibrant place visited by a number of people all over the world. Being a perfect place to hang out and chill out over here, Goa offers with couple-friendly hotels where you can have fun-filled days together. To mention, La Paz Gardens is located on Swatantra Path at Vasco in Goa and is available at affordable prices. Providing good service, clean rooms, and good food quality as well, La Paz Gardens is situated near the Vasco Da Gama railway station.


One of the metropolitan cities in India, Mumbai is known for its beaches and Bollywood. There are as many lively places to hang out in Mumbai with your boyfriend or girlfriend. So when it comes to choosing hotels to stay which allow unmarried couples, you can book via the above-mentioned apps like Goibibo or Treebo or other available apps. Ginger Mumbai Andheri is one of the couple-friendly hotels which is preferred by the couples and is located near Juhu beach with awesome food quality and location.


Next in line is, Bangalore located in the Southern part of India has been providing vigorous places to amuse and also to hang out as couples. The Sanctum Suites BEL Road is situated near the MSR Hospital Bus Stop in Ashwanth Nagar. It is a couple-friendly hotel and is also often preferred by couples. Another main landmark is, located near Bangalore Palace and is worth staying here in the hotel. Further, Goibibo is providing a number of hotels to choose from in various places.


Nature at its best, true to this statement, Kochi has been the best-serving place with its natural environment and other amusement places to have fun. Having fun and tagging along with your lovable through the nature-filled roads will make you create memorable days along with a good stay. Hotel Neighbourhood situated near Ernakulam Junction south will provide a clean room and pleasant stay along with a good breakfast spread. Couples can have a good time over here in Kochi!

Tagging along with your loved ones will be perfect with a comfortable stay at these hotels via Treebo and Goibibo and other apps.

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