Top 5 Travel Brands of India where you can plan your travel

Looking for the top travel companies in India to plan your upcoming vacation? If so, you ought to read this article. We have compiled a list of the best travel companies in India together with all the information you require. Many people around the world believe that because more people are beginning to organize their own travels, travel agencies will no longer be profitable. However, organising a trip on your own is only easier if you’re going alone. It’s always preferable to book a vacation through a travel agency if you’re travelling with a group or family. And there are numerous travel brands of India that provide a wide range of great packages at reasonable prices. So let’s get right to the post, shall we?

Top Travel Brands of India:

MakeMyTrip was first introduced in 2000 by Deep Kalra. Since then, it has had a lot of success and transformed the Indian travel industry. The well-known travel company has long worked together with illustrious figures in the travel and hospitality industries. This company grew as a result of the adage “With great power comes great responsibility.” No other travel company had previously accomplished what this travel brand has. One of India’s biggest travel providers was established in 2017 after the company merged with Redbus and Goibibo. The business provides many services, including the ability to reserve accommodations, transportation, flights, trains, and vacation packages. They are excellent at assisting clients in developing trust in the company. They allow their consumers to enjoy a stress-free vacation.

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It debuted in 2006 as a platform for online vacation destinations. The company is situated in Gurgaon and offers a variety of services to both corporate and individual clients. These include making hotel and travel arrangements, as well as purchasing airline tickets. Users can be sure to receive enough savings when making bookings for flights, buses, trains, and hotels. Additionally, offers many more discounts and other incentives for customers to book vacation packages. This travel company is especially famous for its domestic and international vacation/holiday packages. So no tourists or travellers should overlook them.

Thomas Cook

Unquestionably among the greatest travel companies in India is Thomas Cook. The company offers a one-stop shop with full amenities for all of your travel requirements. Thomas Cook, who notably planned the now-defunct British company Thomas Cook & Son, launched it in 1881. The holiday travel packages offered by this travel firm are well-known and well-liked. You may find packages for travel to countries like India and Thailand as well as outside, to areas like Dubai and the Maldives. You can look into the most well-liked Visas, and wedding packages, among other travel choices.


EaseMyTrip started running its business in 2008. It is a publicly-traded company in India. This business was formed by the Pitti brothers, Nishant, Rikant, and Prashant. Their USP, Zero Convenience Fees*, is what draws people in the most. On travel-related services including transportation, lodging, buses, cabs and getaway deals, they always have fantastic prices and discounts. By offering the top travel options and inexpensive airline tickets, Delhi-based EaseMyTrip tops the online travel business. They gain people’s trust by preventing any hidden costs that could drive up the whole price above what you had anticipated. The website also has an easy-to-use interface and supports iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


One more of India’s best travel businesses in India is Goibibo, which Ashish Kashyap founded in 2007. The business has garnered a plethora of honours around the world, including The Economic Times’ 2015 “Best Tech Travel Aggregator Brand” Award. It is an online travel agency that specialises in booking hotels, cars, trains, buses, and flights. They assert that their reservation process is the quickest in terms of searching and booking, transactions, and customer service. They offer a multitude of options for people to choose from and make arrangements from on their intuitive website and mobile app. This, like the other travel businesses mentioned, offers exclusive deals and discounts.

What are some of your favourite travel brands in India that you often plan your vacations with? Let us know the names and why!

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