6 Breathtaking Indian Locations To Experience Hot Air Balloon Rides

Experiencing the Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in India and Cherish it Forever!


Browsing some best Indian locations to experience hot air balloon rides? As most of you would plunge into seeking the best places to experience adrenaline-rushing adventurous sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, flyboarding, scuba diving, and others in India. When it comes to a hot air balloon ride, you have always been dreamt about it right from your childhood and for sure, you might have thought it would available only in foreign places and not here in India. However, with good investment and interest, hot air balloon rides are initialized in many places in India. So, why are you thinking too much? Well, get ready to enjoy the amazing ride to witness the idyllic scenery in your life. Make it happen this 2023 and you would cherish it forever. As of now, let’s check out the beautiful chromatic destinations in India to be stunned by the views you get through a hot air balloon ride.


What if you fly over the majestic and gorgeous Himalayas? You would actually view the tip of the beautiful Himalayas which would get smaller and smaller once you move up. The estimated height here is about 4000 feet and the duration would be about 40 minutes which cost only Rs. 900/- As Manali stands out to be a famous tourist place, it is just in the starting stage of hot air balloon rides.

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This is already a dream destination for many people out there. But then, when you plan to visit this flamboyant place, you could go for this hot air balloon ride as it would provide a great view of its vibrant landscapes. The ride would last around an hour to an estimated height of about 4000 feet which would cost 14000 rs/- per head.


And if you are still looking for the best destinations in India for a hot air balloon ride, then you could for one of the most historical and beautiful places in India. Rajasthan could be the perfect place for you to get the most out of this unique ride. Enjoying the ride at this Pink City would gift you an arresting bird’s eye view of the entire city. You see the top views of the majestic and glorifying palaces and forts. This would offer you an estimated height of 4000 feet for about an hour. You could enjoy the flight at the cost of 6000 rs/- per child and 12000 rs/- per adult.


Yet another alluring scenic place in Karnataka where you could get to spend an amazing and relaxing time with your buddies and family members on a hot air balloon. You could spend time feeding the best for your eyes as you could watch the charming temples, caves, and rich cultural heritage of Hampi which is the historical city of India. This hot air balloon ride at this place would provide an unbelievable opportunity to view the ancient remnants of the place which you could cherish for a lifetime. The estimated height here is about 5000 feet with a duration of 60 minutes. This would cost around 8000 to 12000 rs/- per person.


Maharashtra’s Lonavala would offer you prepossessing views of the lush greenery hills of the region when you take a serene ride on a hot air balloon with your friends. The ride you take here would be worth spending as it provides an indescribable and lovely view of the place for about an hour at a height of 4000 feet. This would cost about 6000 to 12000 rs/- per person.


Are you ready for an adventurous hot air balloon ride right here in Bhopal? Well, this ride takes place at Jeet Stadium and would take about 2 hours to complete the airy ride. However, the whole experience would take about 6 hours including the pick-up and drop. What could Bhopal offer you when it comes to the balloon ride? Do not think much about it as you would regret doubting about the place later. The city would screen up the pleasant and stunning view of the lake thereby making your trip even more exhilarated. Also, ensure to do deep research before planning for the activity as the hot air balloon air ride on the movement of the wind.

Note: Prices mentioned are tentative and for information purposes only. It may differ from time to time.

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