Nanochemiqs introduces Antiviral AC Filters- Fabrication of an anti-viral air filter with nanoparticles and performance evaluation in a continuous airflow condition


No matter where we come from or who we are, our right to clean, breathable air is non-negotiable. It is ironic that despite being such an essential element for survival, its omnipresence makes it taken for granted. Despite widespread awareness about the importance of clean air, pollution data worldwide paints a rather dismal picture. With the deadly pandemic forcing more and more people to stay indoors, it is fast becoming a matter of greater concern as indoor air is considered to be at least 5-10 times worse than the air outside! Inadequate ventilation and high temperature coupled with humidity, pollute indoor air beyond imagination.

With increased exposure to air conditioning fast becoming the new normal, the best way to ensure that the air we inhale is the cleanest possible, is by using high-quality AC filters. Nanochemiqs air conditioner filters provide triple protection from virus, bacteria and PM particles; their 3-in-1 technology attracts PM particles, holds nanoparticles and kills virus and bacteria. Made of patented copper and silver nanoparticles, these filters have 99.98% virus reducing efficiency, 99.98% bacterial reducing efficiency and 99% PM reducing efficiency. They have proven capacity to hold 99% indoor pollutants including pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria, PM 2.5 and all kinds of microbes. These filters can hold and kill most viruses including the likes of Influenza A, Avian Influenza, Equine Influenza, SARS, Influenza B and A2.

Tested by the most trusted labs, Nanochemiqs filters are best suited for homes, hospitals, offices, industrial units, educational institutions and more. Their virus reducing & bacteria reducing efficiency makes them safe even for newborns. These filtersare compatible with most wall mounted, window, cassette and tower air conditioner models.

The air we breathe nourishes not only our body but also our minds. Breathing clean air enhances concentration, improves mental stimulation, aids physical growth besides keeping cardiovascular diseases, asthma and allergies at bay thereby enhancing longevity and quality of life. Make an informed choice today; choose Nanochemiqs air conditioner filters.


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