Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Juice

Red Dragon fruits are mostly preferred for their health benefits.

Dragon fruit or Pitahaya belongs to cactus species that are native to America. These are also sometimes referred to as strawberry pears. They naturally have a mild sweetness to their flavor and taste more like kiwi. Furthermore, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks can also be colored and flavored with dragon fruit extracts. Dragon fruits come in different colors like white and red. You might already know that the brighter the fruit, the more antioxidant content. Hence, red Dragon fruits are mostly preferred for their health benefits. Here, let’s look at the benefits of dragon fruit juice and also explore the recipe.

How To Make Dragon Fruit Juice?

It’s very simple to make dragon fruit juice. All you need is some sugar and water and blend them well with finely chopped dragon fruit. Also, keep in mind that these fruits do have some natural sugars in them. Thus adding a small amount of sugar or honey will do good. You can also add a squeeze of lemon and a tiny piece of ginger for that extra punch. This sweet juice with citrus flavor is an apt summer drink when paired with ice cubes.

Instead of lemon and ginger, you can also add milk and make it a milkshake. Or else, scoop out the flesh, and mix it with other fruits like blueberries or pears to make a healthy smoothie.

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Dragon Fruit Juice – Benefits

Dragon fruit is such a superfood high in antioxidants. It is also low in calorie count and maintains blood sugar levels. Moreover, these fruits are prebiotics that helps in maintaining gut health too. The fruit has loads of vitamin C and is thus beneficial to our immune system.
Your iron levels can also be increased with the help of dragon fruit juice. Furthermore, vitamin C in dragon fruit aids in the uptake of iron in the body. Due to their high antioxidant, iron, and vitamin C contents, dragon fruit juice is also a superfood for radiant skin.

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