6 Simple Exercises To Increase Your Height

A person’s height is often the result of genetics and environment. Often, this height is associated with increased self-esteem and happiness. Thus most of us would have tried various methods to increase our heights. Some of us might also think that increasing height is possible only for early teenagers. But in reality, every late teen and person in their early twenties can give it a shot too. Also, it is a fact that adults cannot grow taller after their growth plates are closed.

Most of the time, a healthy diet, supplements, good posture, and regular exercise can make you look tall. Here, let’s look at some simple exercises to increase your height.

6 Easy Height Increasing Exercises

Here comes our list of the top 6 exercises to increase height effectively.


It is always fun to have some skipping and jumping in your workout regime. This will definitely make your exercise a fun activity. Furthermore, skipping will allow you to have fun while also meeting your fitness goal. Also, the more you skip, the more you can increase your height. While doing this make sure that both your legs come off the ground and land simultaneously. Thus get your hands on some good-quality skipping ropes and start your workout right away.

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Jump Squats

Another similar exercise is jump squats. Jumping gives a good stretch to your legs and this will eventually lead to an increase in height. Also, this will condition and develop the muscles in your lower body. This exercise is somewhat similar to skipping and trampoline jumping. For this, all you have to do is sit in a squat position after jumping.

Bar Hanging

A well-known and straightforward solution to increase height is to hang from a vertical bar. This type of hanging will stretch the spine area and lessens the pull on the back of the vertebrae. Thus it is more of a posture exercise that will make you look taller. While doing this, make sure that your arms, hips, and shoulders are relaxed for better results. Also, check whether your palms are facing outwards while you hold the bar.


Cycling is a fun multi-purpose exercise. It will not only increase height but also make you look lean and fit. This exercise is ideal for early teenagers who are at their peak time of growth. This exercise can make a slow and significant difference in your height. Cycling is a great cardiovascular activity and is also vital for strong leg muscles. Additionally, you can also burn more calories quickly.

Pelvic Shift

If you are someone who sits for long hours then this is the one for you. The pelvic shift is also a posture exercise that concentrates on your hip region. It is also one of the best exercises to improve height. For this, lie on the ground and gently raise your pelvis. Simultaneously bend your knee. Make sure to stay in an arched position, with the pelvis raised upwards. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds and then repeat it.

Leg-up Exercise

If you are looking to work out at home then leg-up exercises should be your top priority. For this, all you have to do is to lay down and stretch your legs. These are basic exercises where your back stays flat and your legs stay straight and raised. Try to hold the position for a few seconds before repeating it. You can include this in your daily workout routine to notice a significant height gain.

Other Exercises/Asanas To Increase Height

Other than exercises you can also try asanas and sports. If you are an early teen then go for basketball or volleyball games so that you can see a difference in your height within a short span. Similarly, swimming and swimming-based exercises are also proven to increase height in people. Also, you can go for basic asanas like Surya namaskar, Natrajasana, and Tadasana to improve your posture and height. There are also meditations that focus on pituitary glands that can result in significant height growth. You can try these asanas with proper guidance.
Here, we gave you some proven tips. Now don’t wait for the right time to start these exercises. Make your workout schedule right away and perform them religiously to witness good results. Also, instant miracles won’t work. Wait for a few months to see the results for yourselves.

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