Notable Health Benefits of Drinking Rainwater (Filtered)

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, as per the saying, collecting drops of rainwater can be beneficial. When it comes to the ancient period, rainwater and underground water are the two main sources of drinking water. However, the ancient period is known to be the glided age where water is extremely safe to drink. Rivers were also clean and chemical-free which makes them safe to drink. In the contrast, the modern era is not the same which makes the water to be polluted. This in turn makes the water unhealthy to consume. Howbeit, it can be collected and filtered thereby making it safe to drink. Not only it can be used as drink water, but rainwater can also be used for cleaning, washing, laundering, gardening and much more. Moreover, there is something about the rainwater that can be experienced more than explained here. Initially, the raindrops are pure when it falls from the cloud but when it reaches the ground, it may be polluted. This is why it cannot be consumed directly. On filtering it, the rainwater is perfectly useful for consumption. So, here are the notable health benefits of drinking rainwater.

Neutralizes the Blood pH Level:

As the glorying drops of rain contain alkaline pH, it is known for detoxifying properties. Moreover, it can enhance proper digestion as well. The daily accumulation of toxins and free radicals may turn your blood more acidic. Surprisingly, rainwater can neutralize the blood pH level thereby making your body function properly.

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Low Mineral Content:

In order to make the water safe to drink, people may add fluoride and chlorine to destroy the germs invading the water. On the other hand, using these minerals excessively may lead to health issues. Meanwhile, rainwater is low in mineral content which does not result in any kind of health condition.

Free of Chemicals:

Chemicals such as Perfluorocarbons in the water can lead to several health issues including infertility, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, and cholesterol problems. But rainwater is free of Perfluorocarbons thereby making it safe for consumption.

Promotes Digestion:

Like other health benefits associated with rainwater consumption, improving digestion is one of the essential benefits. When there is healthy digestion, your body will be healthy and free of toxins as well. While these are this is generally the benefits of drinking water, rainwater can be part of it. So, these are the notable health benefits of drinking rainwater that you may not know.

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