7 Plants that Infuse a Good Vibe and Prosperity to Our Sweet Home

Home is the foremost cosy place which our hearts search for. At the end of the day, the home makes us comfy, relaxed and rejuvenated. So, giving our home the dreamy changeover or adding certain things as we wish would make it welcoming. When we say, adding, our lush friends are inevitable, it is because they provide infinite benefits to the surroundings. Decorating a home with green plants would enhance our mood. As we know certain plants have powerful benefits for us as well as for our home, here are some plants that infuse a good vibe and prosperity in our sweet home. How about a changeover. Well, let’s read the following 7 plants that infuse a good vibe and prosperity to our sweet home.


With the wide leaves, the attractive palm plant would be a great addition to the home. It not only enhances the look of your home but also acts as an air-purifier thereby removing pollutants including xylene and formaldehyde. Moreover, it provides enough oxygen to the home and is completely pet-friendly. Importantly, it eases stress and makes us feel relieved.

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True to their name, Lucky Bamboo plants are known for luck and auspicious. Known to be the symbol of good fortune and well-being as per Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo plant is the one that your home and office lack. As there are different types of bamboo plants available, Lucky Bamboo could definitely be the one for your home. It is easily maintained and the best indoor plant to be purchased right now. Interestingly, the plant could be grown without soil.


Right from infusing positive vibes to acting as an air purifier, Peace Lily is all we need in our home. It is known to be a low maintenance plant as it could grow in the shaded areas of the house. Not only does it purify the air but also promotes peaceful sleep. Why not add one?


Another amazing indoor plant, Jade, brings good luck and prosperity to our home, thereby making it an amazing gift material. This easily maintainable plant absorbs carbon dioxide at night and filters the air in the home. It is a perfect bedroom plant that brings good vibes and adds beauty to your home interiors.


If you wish to go for citrus plants, then you should definitely go for it. No more chaos though. As per Feng Shui, Citrus trees are a great addition to your home. As fruit-bearing plants represent good health and abundance, they could not be ignored. How about adding one to your kitchen?


As it is better known as an air purifier plant, English Ivy comes under the good vibe plant list. It filters formaldehyde and other impurities in the home thereby making the home a comfortable place to be. English Ivy plant is a must-have home plant. It should be trimmed regularly when invested.


With a wide range of health benefits, Rosemary plants are one of the best indoor plants. Believe it or not, the herb is effective in treating insomnia. Moreover, it would elevate the mood of the people naturally. So, implementing Rosemary plants would transfer your home into a good-vibe space.

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