5 Heavenly Beauty Tips From Indian Women That Work Wonders


India is known for its traditional values. When it comes to fixing the beauty problems naturally, Indian women are known to be masters in it. They have natural home remedies for each and every beauty problem. You could learn so many tricks from them and save your money from spending on chemical infused cosmetics and other beauty products. You should remember to use things that are available from nature so that you would never go for the secondary thoughts of using chemical products. However, these natural beauty tips have no side effects and it is passed on to generations after generations. Let’s check out the following heavenly beauty tips to incorporate in our life from Indian women.

FLAVOURSOME MULTANI MITTI FOR GLOWING SKIN: You could have come across many young women using Multani Mitti for their face which is considered to be good for the skin.  Multani Mitti helps in tightening the pores, cleansing the skin, drying out of the pimples and softens the skin as well. It does wonders for oily, dull or dry and normal skin.

DO NOT GO FOR HAIR THINNING HAIRSTYLE: The best trick behind elongated healthy locks of Indian women is their combing style. They continuously change the way they part their hairs, which is the simplest and best tip to avert the hair thinning. When you part your hairs differently, there would be less chance of the same hair strands getting exposed to the sun and being brushed first on a regular basis.

USE HENNA FOR SHINY AND SILKY HAIR: Are you seeking for the perfect remedy to get rid of the frizzy hair? Do you wanna improve the health of your hair strands? Here is the best natural remedy from Indian women’s beauty shelves. You gotta apply henna once in 10 days which would help you in nourishing your hair and provides you the natural thick color. It could also assist you in getting rid of grey hair and makes your hair shiny under the sun.

LEMON FOR DANDRUFF ISSUES: To get rid of dandruff, just use the concoction of coconut oil and a teaspoon of lemon. You have to massage the roots of the hair with the concoction and leave it for an hour and rinse it later. Yet another tip is to use curd to prevent dandruff.

GRAM FLOUR TO REMOVE UNWANTED HAIRS: Gram flour is one of the best traditional remedies. All you have to do is prepare gram flour paste with water and apply it on the area of your body with unwanted hair. By doing it for a couple of weeks, it could help you in removing the unwanted hair permanently.

NEEM TO REMOVE ACNE: Neem is an irreplaceable natural remedy that is healthy for your inner-self and for your natural beauty. Just prepare a paste of the neem leaves and apply it on the skin regularly. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and washout the paste later. You could also use the neem oil for treating any spot on the skin and the antiseptic properties present in the neem would help in solving the skin inflammations as well.

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