5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Make Up Often

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Are you obsessed with makeup? Or would you love wearing makeup often? Girl, you gotta curb the role of makeup in your life as it could harm your skin possibly at some point. It is common for you ladies to go for an extra coating of foundation or face cream or blush or anything to make you look extra gorgeous and stunning. You might be tied to a magical thread of those flawless faces appearing on the screens but you do not know how cruel it would be for your skin to hold the harsh chemicals of the makeup products. So, it is good to lower the use of makeup if you are using it more often. Check out the reasons down!

DEFACE THE REAL NATURE OF THE SKIN: When it comes to the disadvantages of makeup, you gotta think about the chemicals being infused in the products and how they would affect your natural skin texture. You might be using foundations, concealers, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss, and other varieties of things because the cosmetic world has been introducing several products till now and continue to do so. Howbeit, all these kinds are infused with harsh chemicals that damage your skin. So, think of your skin’s condition when you use it regularly.

EYE LINERS AND MASCARA WOULD TURN UPSIDE DOWN: Almost every one of us would have felt how annoying it could be to stay great with those mascara and eyeliner on. For instance, if you are refreshing yourself while working, the light splash of water or rubbing your eyes slightly would spoil your entire eye makeup as it would leave black traces of liners or mascara. This would make you much worried about your look while you are at work or outside.

DISTRACTED FROM YOUR ACTUAL WORK: Have you ever felt how comfortable and carefree you are and enjoying the present moment when you step out without makeup? If so, then you should be glad enough. If in case, you hide your real face with those tons of makeup, then you could be more focused on your makeup or whether it is spoiled or not. When you give your entrance with that real and natural look, you would be more confident actually.

GOBBLES MUCH OF YOUR TIME: You might think of making it done by just five minutes but it would actually take more than you think. When it comes to perfect makeup, it would include lots of steps such as compacting, applying foundation and mascara, drawing perfect eyeliner, and a slaying lip shade which would at least take about 15 minutes. You gotta underline the time over here it’s minimum and think of the maximum time it could consume. So, imagine what could you do with the time you are actually using for makeup?

DRAINS OUT YOUR PURSE OR WALLET: When it comes to purchasing some makeup products, you would always go for something branded and high in quality which you think would be less harmful. You might not think about the money you spend on those costly makeup products. Remember you are investing in harsh products which hurt your natural skin tone. Just imagine how much you could save and use for some other necessary purposes like travel or gifts or essential items.

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