5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair Before Going To Bed


When it comes to enhancing your beauty, it does not mean only the skin but also the hair. You might be doing your daily night skincare routine and jumping on your bed to get a tight sleep. While you are getting good sleep, you do not know what your mane is actually undergoing throughout the night. You do not lethargic about your hair health as it depends on the humidity of the room temperature, the pillow where it spends the entire night and it would be resting in a calm and dark environment as well. You must care for your hair as equally as you do for your skin and so the first and foremost thing is to overcome the bad hair rituals which you follow. By doing so, you would enjoy a beautiful sleep every night. Read on to learn the bad bedtime habits you should leave behind.


Since most of you find it to be the best way to rest your hair and allow it to breathe but this would never do any good as you think. Your mom would suggest you tie up your hair while you go to bed but you never do it, right? Well, the sayings of elders have hidden goodness in them but people only realize it later. When you go to bed without tying up your hair, it would be cause breakage and so it would be better to tie up your hair in a loose bun over the top of your head. This would help you get interrupted from snoozing every night.

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When you are ready to hit the bed, you must be tying up your mane for the night and you should be cautious of how and with what you tie up your hair. If you use metal or rubber hair ties, then you should throw those away for better hair health. This is because they would cause unwanted breakage as per the experts.


You should never go to bed with wet tresses as it would create several damages to your hair. Almost every mom would have warned you not to go to bed immediately after the shower. So, it is better to dry up your hair completely and then make your way to your bed.


When you choose to spend time in a dry environment, you would of course know how it could create an impact on your whole body. And if you are going to sleep in a dry environment, it would definitely gonna have a negative impact on your hair and skin as well. Do not go to bed with central heat on as it would dehydrate your hair and so try choosing a humidifier to make your locks dry out. Make your room to be cool and less heated to avoid chapped lips and dried skin.


You gotta really check out the material of your pillowcase and should wash it regularly. If you are using cotton ones, then they would absorb the moisture from your hair thereby leaving it dry and frizzy, and brittle. Replace the cotton pillowcase with silk ones which would avert breakage and this would, in turn, avert breakage by retaining your hair to be healthy, shiny, and smooth.

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