6 Greatest Benefits of Wearing A Bindi or Tilak On Your Forehead


Almost every girl might have heard from the elderly people of their house to wear bindi on their forehead ever since childhood. There has an intense and scientific reason underlying the action of wearing a bindi on the forehead which is why our forerunners used wearing it, especially during the auspicious days. Traditionally, bindis are worn on the forehead right between the eyebrows and some might even like to wear a bit above. However, the impact of wearing it does not change wherever you wear it on the forehead instead remains the same. So, here are some of the surprising benefits of wearing a bindi on your forehead that might amaze you.

EASES THE MIND: The spot or point between your eyebrows is extremely affected by anxiety and stress. But when you wear bindi or massaging the point regularly would help relax the muscles and nerves of that particular area. This in turn would calm down the entire body. It is this point that you press when you apply bindi or tilak and even calms the mind by giving it a gentle massage every day.

HELPS IN RELIEVING SINUSES: When you press this particular point between the eyebrows which incorporates the nerve that goes to the nose and the areas surrounding the stimulation. When it is given the stimulation, the nerves would in turn improve the blood flow to the nasal passage, mucosal lining, and sinuses as well. This thus gets rid of a blocked nose, lowers the swelling within the sinuses and the nose. So, if you are someone who is suffering from sinuses, then you gotta think about this simple action.

DOES WONDERS FOR EYE MUSCLES: This central point of the forehead is actually associated with the nerve which supplies to the muscles of the eyes and the skin. Since the nerve is linked to the muscles encircling your eyes, it would be helpful in various ways when you keep them move. It is also essential to change the shape of your eyes which could also offer you clear vision.

PREVENTS FINE LINES AND WRINKLES: Both the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles would make people worry. Howbeit, massaging the central point would prevent the chance of those worrying fine lines and it would keep wrinkles at bay as well. When you press or massage this area, it would reinforce the muscle by increasing the blood flow and nervous stimulation.

GETS RID OF HEADACHE: The center point of the forehead is known to be relieving a headache as per the acupressure. This is possible due to the relaxation of convergence of nerves and blood vessels when the point is pressed or massaged.

THE CENTRAL ROOM OF AWAKENING AND CONCENTRATION: As this central point between the eyebrows is known to be the junction of several major nerves of the body, it is an extremely important point that connects all the parts of your body. It is also the point that shows the center of awakening and the position of the third eye. When this spot is stimulated, it would make the person serene thereby erasing the stress and anxiety. It is also known to be an awakening point because the person could see and experience the world which the two physical eyes failed to do so.

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