5 Ways to Follow Eco-friendly Beauty Regime

Incorporating a beauty regime is awesome but not the unlimited use of beauty products. When it comes to a beauty routine, people tend to use enough beauty products. Though it is okay to use beauty products, they should not be harmful to the environment. Wondering how to go eco-friendly? Do not know where to start? Well, all you have to do is to limit the use of beauty products. On the other hand, you could pick chemical-free products or products using recyclable containers. However, organic products or a homemade skincare regime could be the option. As most beauty products are infused with chemicals, they could be toxic for your skin and environment as well. So, we are to help you with 5 ways to follow an eco-friendly beauty regime. Read on. . .


When you use multi-purpose products, it does mean less wastage. Not only does it curb waste but also saves your money. Instead of going for different products for different parts of your faces, just go for the one with multi-use. For instance, eyebrow pencils could be used as an eye-liner. Go for brushes or sticks which could be used on your eyes and lips. Of course, you could have come across such beauty-enhancing items. Just make sure to buy them next time.

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Using shampoo relies on how often you treat your hair with it. Note down how many times a week you wash your day and act accordingly. If you are someone washing your hair with shampoo every day, then you are creating havoc for the environment. It is well-known that washing your hair often would take away the natural oils from the scalp. So, it is advisable to wash your hair thrice a week. Alternatively, you could use dry shampoo. Moreover, limiting the use of shampoo could save water and electricity.


Just because it is wonderful to have enough products, it does not help your skin and environment in any way. Lining up the products on your shelf might only lead to excessive waste. Make simple with the basic things such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Following this fundamental make-up would curb the waste. Essentially, it would be good to stick to particular products and not to have different ones for each part of your face. It is not healthy for your skin as well as the environment.


When it comes to make-up tools, it would be mostly brushes and hairbrushes. Go for brushes made of recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo. Not to mention, you should never leave the hairstyling tools in the plug but unplug them when not in use.


The amount of the product you use everyday matters. When you choose to go with a small amount daily, it would have a long life. Do not hop to another new product until you use the product entirely. Avoid squeezing the tube with force as it leads to wastage. So, these are 5 ways to follow an eco-friendly beauty regime. Let your skin and environment feel happy.

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