6 Potential Causes of Dry Skin You Probably Don’t Know


Dry skin has become a common issue which people left behind. Probably, you know the general contributor to dry skin is lack of moisture. But people do not think beyond this that ends up in dry skin. However, you just have to be cautious as dryness could tell or cues you more about the underlying skin issue or depicts your health condition. So, when you find your skin dehydrated or dried, then hydrate it with the help of moisturizers and you would witness the result in a few weeks. But some surprising factors contribute to dry skin thereby leading to dehydration. You gotta note them down to avoid dehydrated skin. Let’s check them out!

THE LACK OF MOISTURE WHEN YOU USE HARD WATER: Since tap water or hard water incorporates a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it would leave your skin to be dehydrated as a result. It would also turn the oils on the skin into a thick substance that leads to acne and rosacea by averting the moisturizers to be absorbed into the skin. So, it is good to add skincare products that are infused with vitamins A and C to your beauty regime as it would help combat the disadvantages of hard water on your skin.

SOAP OR SHAMPOO ATTENUATE THE MOISTURE ON YOUR SKIN AND SCALP: You might have been using varieties of soaps and shampoos but did you know they might affect the moisture present in your skin and scalp. But why? It is because they are made to get rid of oil. This is why it is highly important to choose your face washes, body washes, and laundry detergents more prudently. Meanwhile, experts suggest using only moisturizing body wash to replace the harsh or chemical-infused soap bars. When it comes to laundry wash, if you experience dry skin, then look for some gentle laundry soaps which would do not impact your skin.

DRY SKIN COULD ALSO BE THE RESULT OF LONG AND HOT SHOWERS: While you might be enjoying under the shower and humming your favorite songs, you would never be aware of the time it consumes. The hot showers during winters would trigger you to take a long shower but you might not be aware that taking long and hot showers would drain out the moisture in your skin. So, all you have to do is to limit the shower time and go for warmer temperatures than the hot ones. Once you are done with the shower, you could simply apply a moisturizer to pamper your skin.

AGING COULD BE A CULPRIT TOO: When people start aging, dry skin is one of the common issues. This happens because when people grow older, the skin would produce less oil thereby making it dry. When it comes to women, it could be the result of hormonal changes that are linked with menopause. So, you gotta moisturize your skin regularly to mend your skin.

FRAGRANCE HAS ITS IMPACT: While you are using fragrance to smell good, it might also irritate dry skin and even make it worse than before. So, experts recommend abandoning the use of deodorants or skincare products that are infused with fragrance. So, read the label for “fragrant-free” in any cosmetics you are purchasing.

FREQUENT HANDWASHING COULD RESULT IN IRRITATION AND REDNESS: Generally, people with dry skin would tend to wash their hands often. This would never ease the dry skin instead it would worsen the condition furthermore. On the other hand, people working in industries must have to do handwash frequently and so they could use lukewarm water and avoid alcohol-based soaps. It is good to spatter your hands dry than rubbing them with a towel.

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