5 Top Best Natural Scalp Scrubs To Try With Your Kitchen Ingredients

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Your scalp plays a crucial role in the growth of the hair and so you might have heard or read so many times about the importance of nourishing the scalp, isn’t it? Well, if your scalp is maintained and nourished adequately, then you are going to be happy with your long and wavy, and shiny tresses. Instead of spending money on spas and salons, you could go for natural ways to improve the growth of your hair by nourishing your scalp. So, here are some of the wonderful home-made scalp scrubs to try out.

THE MIX OF SALT AND OLIVE OIL: If you wish your mane to be healthy and feel it when you play with it, then you gotta use an amazing scrub made up of salt and olive oil. When you use this scrub on your scalp, it would help eliminate dandruff without making your scalp to be dry. Since olive contains fatty acids, it would be helpful in hair damage and offers moisturization as well. In order to scrub, you have to add a few spoons of sea salt, olive oil, and lemon juice if you wish.  Apply it and wash it off with mild shampoo.

PERFECT COMBINATION OF BROWN SUGAR AND OATMEAL: This excellent combination of brown sugar and oatmeal would lock up the moisture and extremely helpful in exfoliating the scalp. This process of exfoliation would regulate the circulation to the hair follicles. So, you have to DIY scalp scrub by mixing two tablespoons of brown sugar and ground oatmeal and hair conditioner if you need and apply it to your hair. Ensure to use it on your scalp and pamper it with a healthy wash.

THE BEST GO FOR LEMON: This does not consume much of your time but it would be for sure an excellent one of all. So, you just have to mix an equal amount of sea salt and lemon juice. And massage your scalp for about 10 minutes and rinse it off with shampoo. These ingredients would act as an effective exfoliator thereby making your scalp stronger and removing the dead skin cells as well. So, when life throws you lemons, make use of it.

THE POWERFUL CINNAMON: If you feel your hair is healthy but needs to be pampered anyway, then all you have to do is to mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder, two drops of rose water, and peppermint oil. Now mix it well and use it to massage onto your scalp and leave it to settle for at least 10 minutes. Later, rinse it with shampoo.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE SUGAR: Sugar is naturally helpful in nourishment which makes it an extraordinary ingredient to go for. You gotta mix three tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of honey, and coconut oil. Use the mixture to gently scrub the scalp and allow it to settle for a few minutes and wash it off. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, then you could try it without a second thought.

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