DIY: 5 Subtle Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Of course, people would be tempted to stand in front of the mirror to research the changes on their faces. Every time people cross the mirror, they would instinctively turn their heads towards it and have a look at their appearance. Everybody wants to look good and cool when they step out of the house. Although wearing makeup is one of the incredible ways to look stunning, honestly, you do not wish to depend on it every time you are stepping out. Sometimes you might be running out of time or you could abandon the morning routine and you could still slay your day with that damn beautiful look. All you have to do is to follow some easy-peasy techniques to slay your day. Just check them out!

WHITEN YOUR TEETH WITH TURMERIC: This powerful spice and yellow root would be healthy and works amazingly on your skin. Being an excellent fat burner, turmeric is also helpful in whitening your teeth. So, all you need is to mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of turmeric until it forms a paste. Now, brush your teeth with it and then rinse off your mouth a few times and see your bright and white teeth in the mirror.

GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES WITH PARSLEY: Wanna erase those annoying dark circles? If yes, you just need a bowl and finely chopped parsley. Now, put the parsley in a sieve and pour warm water over it. So now, you would get warm parsley water and leave it to cool down. Later, you could soak a cotton ball in the water and keep it on each eye for about 10 minutes. When you do this twice a week, it would naturally disguise your tired look forever.

USE SOUR CREAM FOR EVENESS OF SKIN: If you are worried about the unevenness of your skin, then you really gotta treat them. Since the heap of dead skin cells is stored, it would lead to blockages of the hair follicles. Take a blob of sour cream in a bowl and then rub it on your arms with a warm and moist washcloth. Leave it to settle for a few minutes and then rinse it off while you shower. This is effective because the lactic acid in the cream would help get rid of the washcloth which would take away the dead cells from the skin.

TAKE OFF THE NAIL POLISH STAIN WITH THE LEMON WATER: All you need to do is to squeeze out some lemon juice in a bowl along with warm water. You do not need to struggle with the harsh or obstinate nail polish shade for about 5 minutes since the acidity of the lemon would get rid of the stubborn color of the nails.

GET YOUR LIPSTICK SHADES EVEN: Who else would not love to get that killing shade of lipstick on your lips? Well, applying it to your lips might be easy but getting the perfect line is what you gotta master. However, you get make it done just like that with the help of concealer. You just have to dab an even layer with the help of concealer on your clean lips and then apply your favorite lipstick shade. This would offer you that neutral color on your lips.

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