Ethnic Wear: Essentials You Should Own This Festive Month (For Both Men and Women)

Indian ethnic wear is a timeless fashion despite the fact that fashion trends are constantly changing. Everyone’s favourite is an Indian traditional dress because of its enduring appeal and feminine charm. The ideal time to embrace your ethnicity and uncover your ethnic wear is right now, with weddings and the holiday season right around the corner. Here is a list of the essential ethnic wear items that both men and women require for this festive season if you want to keep your style game on point.

Ethnic Wear: Essentials for Women
Traditional Sarees

Sarees are a national treasure in India. This garment, which has its roots in India, acts as a reminder of Indian heritage and culture. Women from diverse parts of India have elegantly adorned this garment for generations. Every Indian woman still loves wearing this attire. Nothing looks more sophisticated on a woman than a saree. A saree will accentuate your femininity, whether it’s your fashionable clothing or a family heirloom from your mother. Sarees are an elegant choice for a dress for a dinner party or Diwali pooja because of their sophistication.

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Ethnic Skirts

A lengthy ethnic skirt combined with the appropriate top makes for a gorgeous outfit. It’s the ideal fusion of traditional clothing and a touch of western influence. You can choose from a variety of tops to wear with skirts, including silk tops, long or short kurtas, and tank tops. Popular patterns include printed florals, kalamkari, and Ikat. Jacquard or plain silk skirt, on the other hand, is ideal for wearing to dandia parties.

Palazzo Suits

These are the most recent Indian fashion styles. Palazzos have replaced salwars as the new fashion trend among women of all ages. They are convenient and cosy. For a fashionable look, wide-legged pants, also known as palazzos, are worn with a long or short kurta or a short top. They are a practical choice for many ceremonies. And there are many online retailers with a large selection of traditional necessities like Palazzo Suits, where you can purchase Indian ethnic wear.

Intricate Dupattas

Every Indian girl should own a dupatta that is intricately embroidered, patchworked, or zari-worked. These not only finish your traditional appearance but also elevate and accentuate your clothing. India has a thriving textile industry with a wide selection of fabrics. You should have plenty of Chanderi, Phulkari, Banarasi, Gota Pati, and Madhubani, as well as Kalamkari scarves on hand. You can look fashionable and elegant by wearing a heavily decorated dupatta with a simple kurta and leggings or a simple top and skirt.

Ethnic Wear: Essentials for Men
Kurta Churidar

The kurta-churidar combo is undoubtedly the most popular ethnic outfit for men, garnering more admirers than any other. Men frequently choose it because, in addition to being incredibly comfortable, it is also simpler to wear and style. A kurta churidar’s greatest asset is its extreme adaptability; you can wear it to your cousin’s Haldi ceremony, an office Diwali celebration, or even an ethnic day. A printed jacket, an elaborately decorated brooch, a turban in a contrasting colour, and a juti can be worn to complete the outfit if you feel that your solid-coloured kurta is too simple and boring.


The traditional Sherwani, the favourite of all the grooms. Nowadays, there are a variety of different types of sherwanis, in a wide range of fabrics, and it is challenging to pick one. Typically worn for a lavish occasion, they range from simple ornamented ones to Indo-Western stylish and designer wears. Sherwanis, which were originally the northern Indian attire worn by Mughal royalty, have changed over time to become men’s wedding attire. They frequently come with a safa, bottoms that are styled like churidars or dhoti pants, and a dupatta.

Dhoti or Mundu

Dhoti, also known as Mundu, is a widely known apparel in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Even with the strong influence of Western clothing, mundu continues to be the centre of all the attention and love among the men in this place. Men find it simple and comfy to wear it every day, and it is not only for celebrations and customary purposes. Wearing the mundu or dhoti, which is typically doubled and draped around the waist, is a must for any traditional celebration in Kerala or Tamil Nadu. They come in colours like cream, ivory, off-white, as well as white, with borders in gold, silver, and other shades, and are made of materials like khadi, silk, dupion, and cotton.

What are some more ethnic wear essentials that you think all men and women should own for this festive season? Let us know!

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