How to avoid dull skin? Yay! Radiant skin is on its Way!

It is not easy to take care of your skin in any season or region. Skincare can be stressful for many and if you are one of them, let’s talk about a specific skin problem that you might be facing in this post. That’s right. This post is all about dull skin. It is a common issue for both men and women around the world and it happens because of some small mistakes you might be making in your life. If you are wondering what those mistakes are, read on to how to avoid dull skin along with some other information you would need to know about it.

But before all that, do you know what dull skin is? Dull skin is simply tired or rough skin caused by a lot of things. Some of the most common symptoms of dull skin are dark under eyes, rough and dehydrated skin with no moisture and lack of radiance than usual. If you believe you have been experiencing any of these symptoms lately, keep reading until the end to know how to start preventing it from getting worse.

How to avoid dull skin?
Always wear sunscreen

Dermatologists cannot stress this important point enough to everyone and it is indeed true. Sunscreen is pretty important when it comes to protecting your screen from all the UV Rays. Some even recommend wearing sunscreen every day even if you are not planning on leaving the house. There are many sunscreen products out there for you to explore. But don’t settle for the one that looks promising and cheap enough. Consult your dermatologist to get the right fit according to your skin type.

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Ensure you’re eating well and hydrated

You might already know that not drinking enough water or being dehydrated starts a lot of problems for your skin. From skin breaking to losing moisture, you will lose the glow. The same thing applies to your diet. Do remember that eating healthy is not the only goal. You also need to eat enough. Some people restrict themselves from eating enough to lose weight or maintain weight. These kinds of habits can cause serious damage to your body including your skin.

Pick out the right skincare products

If you have ever reacted using a skincare product, check in with your dermatologist. Ask if the certain product has any chemical or ingredient that is not suitable for your skin in any way. Determine your exact skin type and choose the right ones. You can listen to recommendations but it is always best to ask for professional advice instead of jumping to conclusions on your own. Because a lot of women experienced many common dull skin symptoms after using the wrong skincare product for their skin.

Moisturise regularly

Moisturising regularly after a shower or bath can help your skin stay soft for a long time. Experts recommend moisturising your skin at least 2 to 3 times every day. These 3 times include during the morning, after a shower or bath or swim and before going to bed. You should also apply moisturiser while travelling. This is especially for people with dry skin as travel can cause break out and result in dull skin.

To sum it up, stick to a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Make sure to exercise or do any kind of physical activity regularly along with getting enough to eat. All of these habits should help in preventing dull skin.

If you have any more tips for preventing dull skin or want to share your thoughts, comment below.

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