How to Curb Hair Loss in Men?


Most men would be frightened about the hair loss as it would lead to baldness. Even many youngsters are experiencing hair loss in their early 20s. While it has been preconceived that only women would experience hair loss, men would also experience greater hair loss. Although several factors are affecting the health of the hair including unhealthy diet, stress, chemical products, genes, and increased pollution, men still could get out of this never-ending problem naturally. Check them out!


When you apply oil to the hair, you should massage your scalp to reinforce the roots of your scalp and make it healthy. By applying and massaging your hair with oil, it would ease your brain muscles thereby making the hair follicles healthy. Ensure to use vitamin E oil including olive or almond oils as it would trigger hair growth and healthier mane. You could also go for herbal oils and coconut oil to curb hair loss. So, applying oil is essential to make your hair happy and healthy.

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Since an unhealthy diet could be one of the culprits for hair loss, you should watch what you are eating. You have to include more protein-rich foods that prevent hair loss at the early stage. So, you could follow the diet which contains soya, milk, cheese, lentils, pulses, sprouts, chicken, eggs, and much more. These are in turn great source of proteins.


Onion juice is one of the effective homemade remedies to treat and avert hair loss in men. It has been used for centuries to treat hair to make it shiny and healthy. To get onion juice, you have to boil two to three onions in water for an hour. Later, strain it and leave it to cool down. Then you could use it by rinsing your hair with this onion juice and allow it to settle for 15 minutes. You could now wash it off with a mild shampoo for better results.


As you come across multiple varieties of shampoos in the market, you should choose wisely which would be good for your hair. Do not get attracted towards the designs or brands just by its advertisements as they would contain chemicals. However, you should choose mild fruity shampoos that would be sensitive to your hair and would less damaging to your hair. Avoid using strong shampoos and go for mild ones.


If you are a person who uses hair gels to style your hair or to keep it moisturized and dandruff free, then you have to seal it right now. Most men would go for such attractive products just to see them worrying about hair loss later. This is because even these hair gels are also infused with harsh chemicals that could worsen the condition of your hair roots.


While you guys ensure to pamper your skin, you should also equally take care of your hair like your skin. So, use hair packs once a week and follow them regularly to feed nutrition to your hair which in turn would help your roots to strengthen the tresses.  As the internet is flooded with several natural and homemade hair packs, you could choose the one for you to control the hair loss. By doing so, you would also witness the growth of your hair and the bouncy, wavy, and shiny nature of your hair.


The bustling life of the modern world makes people busier which would, in turn, stress them a lot. This would take a toll on your health both internally and externally. So, try to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, regular exercising or walking, taking enough rest, and an optimistic attitude. Try meditation or anything which would make you feel happy and light to reduce the stress in your life.

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