Lightweight Accessories 101

With fashion now being more accessible than ever before, everyone has been taking inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest in hopes of styling themselves according to current trends, which happen to be a bunch of aesthetic accessories regardless of the actual clothes. It is a widespread misconception that accessorizing can get heavy and add weight to the whole outfit, thus leading to discomfort. This article will serve as your essential how-to guide on accessorizing with lightweight accessories. From scarves to earrings to even rings, we have got you all covered from head to toe!

Fabric Earrings:

The boho aesthetic is something that fits perfectly with huge and chunky earrings, but these are usually super heavy and long, which may weigh down your ears. To find the perfect pair of earrings that don’t cause any discomfort but also fit the aesthetic of your dream, it is time for you to try fabric earrings! Fabric earrings can be huge with pretty patterns, long in the form of tassels or even braided.

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Hollow Jewellery:

Antique jewellery, which generally tends to be in bronze or oxidized iron shade, looks super heavy, but we have a hack that can help you enjoy the look minus all the weight and discomfort. Always buy hollow jewellery, be it necklaces or earrings, since only the outline of the jewellery or the mould is made out of heavy metal while the inside is hollow. You can easily find these kinds of jewellery at exhibitions by Rajasthani artisans; the bonus tip is to knock on the jewellery to find out if it is hollow or not.

Scarves and Shawls:

Scarves and shawls can always spice up plain t-shirts into something special if used as the right accessory. But thick knitted scarves or woollen shawls can hurt your neck when wrapped around and can distort your body’s shape if wrapped around your body. Hence, keep in mind to buy scarves that are either made out of satin or cotton since they are super soft but also extremely light in weight.

Shades and Glasses:

Shades and glasses are known for adding depth to an entire look since it completely changes a person’s outlook in terms of both tangible and intangible appearances. Rimless glasses decrease the weight of the object itself and give a fresh feel to the outfit. These glasses without the rims aren’t just lightweight alternatives in terms of mass but also in terms of space as they instantly increase the visibility of other features or makeup looks.

Finally, always be on the lookout for lightweight accessories, especially at large exhibits or thrift shops since they are found in abundance there. Lightweight accessories give you a lot of freedom to try out new aesthetics and looks since the burden of discomfort is not there, so keep shopping and styling and don’t forget to have fun!

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