Platinum Days Of Love urges you to #CommitToLove


In these constantly changing times, if there is one thing that remained constant for couples it is the love that they share. They managed to be each other’s source of strength and comfort. If anything, the unpredictability of circumstances made them realize what truly matters making their love stronger. Filling them with the renewed desire to take the next step towards committing to each other. Paying an ode to this fighting spirit, Platinum Days Of Love urges couples to mark this rare love of theirs, on the occasion of their decision to commit, their engagement with its campaign #CommitToLove.

Getting engaged in the midst of a pandemic has set a whole new bunch of codes in motion. Where the strength of emotions between the couple, the conviction in what they feel, the meaning & memorability of the occasion matters so much more than any of the frills around.  An engagement is one of the first milestones of certainty in a couple’s togetherness and while the pandemic has forced couples to re-evaluate how they conduct this occasion; the truth is that this enforced intimacy has made engagements that much more honest and meaningful. Nothing can perhaps be a bigger test of relationships than this time and that is a truth they are well aware of.  They will truly have to live life by a rare set of values and actions, putting that before many larger-than-life, frivolous romantic gestures.

The campaign will be extensively amplified on social media and digital mediums from April 10, 2021, to May 10, 2021. As part of this digital amplification, Platinum Days of Love will also run the #CommitToLove project, a unique initiative encouraging couples to take those intimate vows when they get engaged. The vows they plan to live their future by. Through it, turning commitment vows into a new engagement ritual!

The engagement collection by Platinum Days Of Love is inspired by the stories of couples whose relationships are based on qualities like equality, friendship, respect, and appreciation. In times like these, they manage to lift and build each other up! It’s only befitting then that a love like that is marked by platinum, a metal that is truly rare – in fact 30 times more rare than gold. This metal remains unchanged through time & circumstance, never losing its natural white lustre or form just like the love these couples share. What’s more, is that the higher density of this metal makes it the ideal hold for precious stones – holding diamonds securely in place. It’s no wonder then that when it comes to engagement bands nothing marks a love that’s rare like platinum does.

The design narrative of this collection features on-trend geometric forms, intricate patterns, sleek lines, and hints of precious stones. The collection is available across 1200+ leading jewellery stores in India.

 Discover the collection of Platinum Love Bands – The Engagement Collection to make your engagement even more special:


The undulating surfaces on these platinum love bands emulate how your love that turns every hurdle, into milestone. It’s whats defines your journey together

The angular carvings and rhythmic indents in these platinum love bands personify a love that has made you stronger together despite your differences. It’s a love that brought you to this moment & will lead you from hereon

These platinum love bands with solitaire centers and geometric indents, emulate your rare love that acts as a guiding light towards brighter future

These platinum love bands, cast in a metal that’s as hard to find as your rare love, tell the story of a love that has brought you closer to your future together. A future that makes you greater together


The harmony of love is embodied in these platinum love bands with cohesive latticework on his and her rings, they symbolise how you pledge to look together in one direction from hereon 

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