Short Hairstyles to Flaunt this Rainy Season

Want to ace short hairstyles to flaunt this rainy season? Tired of the same old blunt, bob, and perhaps even lob short hairstyles? Want to update your hair in a stylish and functional way? Has attempting an updo with short hair been difficult so far? Well, you have every reason to be happy. The hottest short hairstyles for this rainy season are what we’re bringing you today. You can rock these hairstyles flawlessly whether it’s a laid-back evening party or a friend’s mehndi.

Table of Contents:
  • Bouffant Hairstyle
  • Half-up high ponytail hairstyle
  • The easy twist-and-pin hairstyle
  • Braided double Dutch pigtails hairstyle
Short hairstyles to flaunt this rainy season:
Beautiful bouffant hairstyle

In terms of short hairstyles, wearing your hair in a bouffant can significantly improve your appearance and create the appearance of thicker, more voluminous locks. This hack is simple to use and won’t take much time or effort.

Begin by detangling your strands to remove knots. Then, take a section of the hair near the crown, roll it up, and fasten it with sectioning clips. Curl the remaining portions of your hair using your curling iron. To add volume as well as create a bouffant, remove the clip from the crown of the hair and tease the section. Brush the top of this portion nicely to smooth it out. Just below your bouffant, collect a section of hair through both sides, and clasp it towards the back of your head. For improved hold and long-lasting smoothness, finish by misting hair spray.

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Half-up high ponytail hairstyle

Half-up high ponytail hairstyle

It might not be possible for short hair to flaunt a ponytail. A half-up ponytail, on the other hand, is completely doable and will quickly up your hair’s game. First, detangle your hair with a comb, and part your hair into two sections, one on either side of your temples. Make a high ponytail out of the hair that extends from your hairline to the top of your head. Put your ponytail on the crown of the head in the exact centre, and then fasten it with a rubber band. To give your hair tie more glitz, take a strand from your pony and cover it around it. Use your curling iron to add loose curls to the remaining sections of your hair, and you’re done.

The easy twist-and-pin hairstyle

The twist-and-pin hairstyle is as simple as it sounds. This short hairstyle looks great on second or third-day hair and is a lifesaver in the morning rush. First, use a detangling comb to remove any knots from your hair. Next, use a curling iron to add loose curls to your hair. To maintain the cute curls, mist on some texturizing spray. Afterwards, part your hair in the middle. Take a neatly combed 3-inch section of hair from one side, twist it, and pin it behind your head. Next, proceed with the opposite side’s centre parting. Finally, use a clear rubber band to tie both braids together at the back.

Braided double Dutch pigtails hairstyle

The hottest runway style is double Dutch pigtails, which can be worn on both long and short hair. With a double Dutch pigtail ponytail, you can upgrade your short hairstyle with braids. To begin, divide your hair in half down the middle, and tie off one section. Take a section of the hair from the front of your face and split that into three sections. This will serve as the beginning of your braid.

Braided double Dutch pigtails hairstyle

To make a Dutch braid, cross the parts underneath one another. Cross the right section of hair under the middle, then the left section of hair under the newly formed middle. Till your hair is completely braided, keep going. But keep a little hair back for the ponytail. Use a tiny elastic to hold your braid in place, and then proceed to braid your hair on the opposite side. Finally, tie both pigtails together to form a small pony at the back of your scalp. To add thickness and volume, pull your braids apart now.

Which one of these short hairstyles will you be flaunting this rainy season? Let us know!

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