Top Brands to go for Silk Sarees

The quest for the appropriate colour, original cloth, and design will drive you from one location to the other, one shop to the next. Sometimes it’s rewarding, and other times it’s a total letdown. You don’t get what you want, you’re not sure if such Banarasi saree at that outrageous price is indeed authentic, or you’re not thrilled with the pricing at all.

To put a stop to the drama (well, to a certain point because you still must choose the perfect one for you), we did the research and compiled a list of the top silk saree brands for your next saree shopping trip.

Top Silk Saree Brands to Choose
Bharatsthali Silk Sarees

Bharatsthali is Today’s leading online sarees bazaar. It is a reasonable platform which has cooperated with weavers from all around the country to provide a one-stop destination for all things sarees. For your big day, whether it’s a handwoven Kanjivaram or a Banarasi saree, an Assam Muga silk saree or a tussar silk drape, you’ll find it all here. A large selection of handloom silk sarees are available online and may be delivered directly anywhere in the world. Yes, you read that correctly! This web-based silk saree store in India has partnered with premier logistics networks to ensure lightning-fast dispatch! It began as a saree-only store but has evolved into a forum for artisans, weavers, and craftspeople.

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Nalli Sarees

Nalli Sarees would be a one-stop outlet in Chennai for women’s apparel. Machine loom sarees are also among its options. Their saree collection includes naming a few, net sarees, crepe, georgette, cotton, art silk, and silk mixes. While you’re there, don’t forget to look at their beautiful and unique collection of wedding sarees. Their trademark rich embroidery sarees stand out and look lovely, drawing attention to the bride on her special day! The store lies in T Nagar, Chennai, which is a well-known and well-connected neighbourhood. At the store, you may also purchase customised saree blouses (sleeves, cuts, and styles) and embroidered designs for your wedding outfit.


Kankatala is a bride’s top fashion destination, and it’s in Hyderabad. If you’re planning a traditional, extravagant Indian wedding, don’t forget to stop by the shop and look at their specific assortment for brides-to-be. Whether you’re seeking lavishly adorned bordering sarees or conventional red sarees, you’ll get them all here. If you really have your heart set on a Bollywood saree, this store may assist you in locating a replication that is, of course, the closest to the original design but very far from the ‘real’ price tag. The company also accepts made-to-order saree blouse demands. The team assists you in selecting a saree that is appropriate for your event and money.

Kala Emporium

Are you looking for genuine silk sarees for something like a special occasion? Or are you looking for cotton or chiffon sarees to dress up on a regular basis? Kala Emporium offers a wide selection of sarees in cotton, chiffon, bandhani, Surat silk, art silk, crepe and other fabrics. There are sarees for each and every occasion, purpose, and budget in the store. The brand has a strong reputation in the luxury women’s fashion market, and also its saree collection never fails to impress. If you’re seeking sarees that are both affordable and fashionable, this is the place to go. The wide assortment of sarees provides you with numerous possibilities.

Kalki Fashion

This online marketplace has handloom and modern sarees for brides such as you. During your sangeet, twirl in a satin mix floral saree to major chartbusters. Or, on your ceremony day, look like a stunning diva in a Banarasi saree! At the cocktail party, wear an emerald green saree with sequin embroidery, or show off your beautiful figure in an earthy pink drape. Kalki Fashion has an abundance of options in silk sarees for you.

What are some of your other favourite brands to choose for silk sarees? Let us know all about it below.

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