4 South Indian Romantic Movies that have tragic-end

We all enjoy romantic comedies with happy endings because they make us feel good, but the sad or tragic ones are where we learn the newest things. Yes, you should have hope and believe in better things, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to overlook the fact that some couples do not end up together for a variety of tragic and depressing reasons. So if you’re in the mood to cry, let’s look at some of the incredible South Indian Romantic films that will bring tears to your eyes like never before.

South Indian Romantic movies with Sad/Tragic Ends:

The real-life story that Senior Police Officer BB Ashok Kumar recounted is the basis for the movie Mynaa. The death of Anirudh Desai (Ajay), the brother of political figure Sanjay Desai (Arun Sagar), sets the tone for the entire Myna movie. When it makes headlines, the police force sends out a special team led by Sarath Kumar as well as Suman Ranganathan. It is revealed that Sathya Murthy is the murderer as they track him down, and Chennai police quickly apprehend him. On the other side, the politician sends thugs to kill Sathya in an effort to exact revenge. But Sathya tells his tale as the police apprehend and protect him.


While taking part in a tv program where he had to beg for money in trains, Sathya unintentionally runs into Mynaa. When they first meet, the actress steals his heart, forcing the hero to play a beggar without legs several more times before realising that she has a disability. They marry soon after falling in love with one another. They relocated from Castle Rock to Bangalore. He kills the MLA’s brother, though, due to the circumstances. Why? You should see it for yourself.

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The film ‘3’ was such a success that one of the songs featured in the film went viral all around the world. However, there are other reasons as well to watch this film. The cinematography and story of the film are so good that you’ll feel everything that the characters are experiencing. The plot is straightforward. The love story between Janani and Ram is a classic one; after many objections between their families, they finally get together, but Ram passes away soon after. It becomes a psychological thriller halfway through the film and shows Janani dealing with the death of her love.


The romantic drama film “Mayanadhi,” directed by Aashiq Abu, presents the tale of the romance between the protagonists Mathan and Aparna, who are played by Tovino Thomas and Aishwarya Lekshmi, respectively. Aspiring actress Aparna participates in a few movie auditions while she waits for her big break in the entertainment business. Mathan, the main character, is unluckily being pursued by Tamil Nadu police for the murder of a police officer. In the film’s climactic scene, Mathan is finally captured by the Tamil Nadu police after being deceived by his own lover. However, the film’s ending is left open, leaving the audience to speculate as to whether Mathan was actually murdered by the authorities or is still alive today.



Anyone who has seen the film knows that we all wished for a different conclusion to “Vandanam” in which the protagonists Unnikrishnan and Gadha finally reunite. The audience (like us) was truly heartbroken by Priyadarshan’s decision to abandon the romantic leads Unnikrishnan and Gadha to such a destiny because they had never anticipated such a tragic conclusion for a Priyadarshan film. The development of the romance between the characters Unnikrishnan, played by Mohanlal, and Gadha, played by Girija Shettar, initially followed the script of a typical Priyadarshan film. The abrupt turn of events in the movie “Vandanam’s” climax causes them to become estranged from one another. The Priyadarshan-directed movie “Vandanam” is undoubtedly one of the romantic comedies in Mollywood with unhappy endings.

There are a lot more amazing romantic movies with tragic or sad endings in the south Indian film Industry. If you’ve seen any other movies presented in this list, do let us know your favourites. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for more such lists if you’re interested in watching romantic tragedies of South India.

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