Director Parmeet Sethi navigates the fine line between ethical hacking and cybercrime while talking about Amazon miniTV’s Hack Crimes Online

Director Parmeet Sethi also shared his approach for writing the script and the resources he used alongside Amit Dubey’s book.

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released cybercrime thriller Hack Crimes Online which explores the lives of hackers and highlights how technology can help law enforcement in enhancing the security further. Directed by Parmeet Sethi and featuring Vipul Gupta and Riddhi Kumar in the pivotal roles, the series is being lauded by critics and viewers for its intriguing narrative and strong characters, exploring the dark world of cybercrime.

Amazon miniTV hosted an exclusive round table discussion with Mr. Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, at Amazon miniTV, Mr. Shital Bhatia,an Indian film producer and co-founder of Friday Filmworks, Mr. Parmeet Sethi, Indian Film Industry Actor and director and the Indian actor Vipul Gupta. The conversation revolved around the current cyber threats and how to combat them, with special emphasis on Amazon miniTVs efforts and role in raising awareness among conman in an engaging and creative way.

While highlighting the aspect of advanced cybercrime and the role of ethical hackers, director Parmeet Sethi also shared his approach for writing the script and the resources he used alongside Amit Dubey’s book. Parmeet candidly revealed his communication with ethical hackers to get more insight about the hacking world. “Amit has an outfit where he has these ethical hackers. So I happen to interact with them, obviously Amit was there throughout, holding my hand and telling us exactly how things are, is it possible to hack it in this way or not possible. We asked him all those basic questions and he answered them and of course my writers, they did their research. I am sure they approached a lot of people, hackers, and there are some people whom I know in the hacking world who are basically in the US. I called them up, I spoke to them and they are also white hats, they help Indian government, the American government, so they were also very helpful in giving me insight into how hacking actually happens and how we actually counter it,” he shared.

Delving deeper into the dark deep rooted cybercrimes, Hack Crimes Online sheds light on the vast reach of the internet and how we are mere puppets in the hacking world. Hack Crimes Online is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.

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