Instagram’s Spooky (Ghost) Trend – Halloween Season is On

Perhaps you may have seen the spooky trend going on in the most popular social media platform – Instagram. Some of you may even like to participate in the trend whereas some are going on with the trend. Since October is not only known to be the season of Fall but also the start of the spooky season, the viral ghost trend is back on Instagram. Well, we cannot forget the popular Halloween festive which is around the corner. The popular spooky trend you may wish you have had last year is back again. Not to mention, it is not justifiable if we do not mention the matching background song of Jackstauber’s Oh Klahoma to trending spooky reels. You may see people selecting locations such as cities, gardens or home or even woods (the perfect creepy location) or even playgrounds or beaches. The Instagrammers come up with more creative spots to do the most-trendy Halloween reel.

Like preparing for creative and creepy Halloween costumes, the ghost trend is now back in more exciting ways. It has also got most people’s attention. It seems like it is a now part of the Halloween celebration. It is also simple to do as you do not have to spend on properties.

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The properties you need & Steps:

1. Plain white bedsheets for your gang
2. Coolers or sunglasses
3. Download the reel
4. Start vibing on the spot when “tears falling down. . .” goes on.

You may do this ghost trend with your partner or group of friends or pets or family. No matter what, it grabs the attention as spooky October goes on. All you have to do is to grab the bedsheets from your home and infuse the Halloween vibe with the spooky reel.

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