TRNTY, Lets Loose on Their New Debut Song: Listen

Immerse yourself in the harmonious synergy of sibling band TRNTY with their soulful creation, "Hey Nenje."

Immerse yourself in the harmonious synergy of sibling band TRNTY with their soulful creation, “Hey Nenje.” Comprising Roshan, Robin, and Riya Sebastian, this trio transcends familial bonds to craft a captivating tapestry of sounds that beckon listeners into their world.

“Hey Nenje” is more than a song; it’s a heartfelt conversation set to music. Sung in poetic Tamil, its verses flow with a gentle cadence evoking emotions that traverse the depths of the heart. The lyrics, penned down by Madhan Karky, come alive through the seamless harmonies of Roshan, Robin and Riya Sebastian.

The essence of this track lies in its fusion of acoustic enchantment and uplifting melodies. The music carries the soothing vibe of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and banjos, embracing a Bossa Nova groove that lulls you into a state of tranquility. “Hey Nenje” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the journey of musical exploration. TRNTY, realized their yearning for artistic autonomy and creative expression. This realization fueled their path to crafting original compositions, culminating in this beautiful acoustic gem.

In a statement about his new Tamil Indie, Singer Roshan Sebastian said,” I always wanted it to be open and seeking, searching to find something powerful and up crafted for TRNTY RCRDS. I have been thankful to the bunch of wonderful people who really supported me while working for the same.”

Immerse yourself in the fusion of acoustic instruments – from guitars to piano, mandolin to bass – as they unite to create a melodious masterpiece. Whether seeking solace in the gentle strumming or a sense of connection through seamless vocals, “Hey Nenje” is your invitation to experience acoustic and uplifting music like never before.

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