World Music Day 2022: The Universal Medicine

Music plays an important role in framing a society; it has the power to change the world. The sound can melt your heart, raise your spirits and stay forever in your mind. It is a medium that allows us to feel all possible emotions in our lives. That is why music is always referred to as a “shorthand of emotions”. This powerful medium has an immense role in every individual’s life. Thus it is vital to celebrate music and the musician who renders it. It is also a day for all music fans to celebrate. Music day is observed on the 21st of June every year. Let’s see more about the history of this event and the theme of the 2022 music day.

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Fête de la Musique

In 1982, the Ministry of Culture in France started Fete de la Musique, or Music Day. It was perceived as the idea of giving free music to all. Also, the day is to honor all the musical talents in the community. Later, the event became an international phenomenon and is now celebrated in 120 countries across the globe. The two main purposes of this day are –
1. To encourage professional as well as amateur musicians
2. To organize free concerts and make music accessible to all

Music Day 2022

Theme for this year

Every year, the day is celebrated by focusing on a particular theme. The theme for 2022 Music day is “Music on the Intersections”. The theme denotes the various intersecting roles of Music. Music can be used to heal, nurture connections, and for interpersonal growth. Due to the pandemic, people have lost a lot both emotionally and financially. This year’s Music day will focus more on healing the community and enhancing its spirit.

Music Day Events in Chennai

Music not only gives a sense of soothing and mental peace; it is also a mode of entertainment. We can see many concerts being organized across the globe to celebrate this day. Chennai is not an exception to these events. The following are some music events to look out for in the coming days.
1. A live concert called ‘Day of Vengeance’ by Erik Foster and Sangeetha Elizabeth on June 21st, 6.30 pm. This is about to happen at Music Academy on TTK road.
2. Do not miss out on the concert by Thaikkudam Bridge on July 2d, 2022. This is scheduled to happen at 6 pm in Phoenix Marketcity.
3. Later on 10th July, Shankar Mahadevan concert is to happen in Lady Andal School.
Music has always been a part of everyone’s daily life. This one day is just to glorify its significance. Thus keep enjoying music and share your playlist with your loved ones. Celebrate the day by encouraging the musical talents near you.

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