10 Simple Stress Busters You Should Know


Everyone would like to fight stress

Studies have proven that certain foods have the ability to beat stress with their complex compounds present in them. These are also known to decrease stress, anxiety, and fight depression. Enhance your moods instantly with these foods below.

Chocolates: As we all know eating chocolates can lift our moods and make us feel happy. Consuming dark chocolate regularly for two weeks decreases stress hormones, including cortisol, in people who are highly stressed. This is because of the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate.

Egg: Eggs are rich in choline nutrient, this has important functions which include optimal cell membrane function and neurotransmission which is said to be related to moods and energy levels. Eating an egg can lift your mood thus making you feel relaxed and happy.

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Coffee: There are most of us who can’t do anything without a cup of coffee. Drinking a cup of two of coffee-based with milk a day is good for maintaining our energy. The stimulatory effects of caffeine keep our brain and body moving.

Walnuts: The rich essential fats in walnuts are known to improve cell health. Eating 10 walnuts a day, helps lower blood cholesterol levels, thereby increasing blood flow in the body and also to optimize cell wall composition.

Salmon: A serving of 200g of Atlantic Salmon gives you the essential fats required for your daily intake. These fats have a great role in improving the cells’ ability to take up essential hormones, especially those involved in mood regulation. Atlantic Salmon is a great source of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids; DHA and EPA.

Green Tea: Green tea helps maintain blood glucose levels and keep them in check. Drinking green tea daily can keep you alert, hydrated and anecdotally help to manage your post-lunch sugar cravings.

Saffron: Saffron helps in providing the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin more available to the brain. Certain studies have improved that consuming 15mg of saffron has helped women decrease their PMS symptoms like mood swings depression by at least half. Researchers believe that this spice is in a similar mechanism as Prozac.

Grain Bread: Choosing carbs which are low on GI, helps regulate your blood glucose levels, help you maintain your energy levels and your mood.  This is said because your mood depends hugely on your glucose levels.

Seaweed: Iodine a mineral which is needed for optimal thyroid, metabolism and this also required for optimal energy and mood levels. Seaweed is one of the rich sources of iodine.

Legumes: Food containing slowly digesting carbs help regulate mood-boosting neurotransmitter serotonin. Beans such as kidney, borlotti or soy.

These foods help you uplift your mood, keeping you relaxed. Grab a bar of chocolate to beat your stress.

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