6 Power Packed Benefits of Sago or Sabudana You should know


Sago or Sabudana is nothing but a type of starch extracted from certain tropical palm stems. It has been mainly extracted from Metroxylon sagu or sago palm that is actually native to several parts of the world which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. It could be purchased in two forms as flour or pearls. Well, the flour is naturally pure starch, and the pearls are small balls of Sago which are prepared by mixing the starch with water and then heating them partially. While the sago is gluten-free, it could be a good substitute for wheat-based flour and grains in baking and cooking for those on restricted diets. Since sago is incorporated with antioxidants and resistant starch, it could be connected with several benefits for the body. So, check out the astonishing benefits of Sago or Sabudana.

PROFFERS INSTANT ENERGY: The major benefit of consuming sago is that it helps in providing instant energy as it is rich in energy. One of the major reasons for people eating this dish during fasting on any special occasion is due to the instant energy it provides for you. Additionally, sago porridge is highly effective in treating excess be as it provides a cooling effect to lower the body’s heat especially when you are fasting.

ENHANCES DIGESTION: Did you know sago is helpful in preventing stomach-related issues? Yes, they are helpful in averting stomach-related issues such as gas, bloating, indigestion and constipation as well. It has been rich in fiber, protein, fats, and carbohydrates that directly increase your metabolism. It would thus be helpful in maintaining good digestive health. With the help of dietary fiber, it could be helpful in speeding up the digestive process and rebalance the healthy gut bacteria as well.

COMBATS BIRTH DEFECTS: Since sago is rich in folate and vitamin B6, it is helpful in aiding the proper development of the fetus as well as avert the chance of neural tube defects in infants. However, folate is an essential nutrient which is an important requirement for pregnant women in the first few months of pregnancy. This could also have a serious impact on the newborn as well.

HELPS IN IMPROVING EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: While there are several studies that have been exhibited on sago’s effect on exercise performance, it has proved that drinks containing sago and soy protein help in delaying tiredness while you are engaged in cycle training with high-intensity. This is because sago is naturally an amazing source of carbohydrates which provide your body with the energy you need.

HELPS IN MUSCLE GROWTH: You have to take a lot of proteins to enhance the growth of muscles. But then, if you are a vegetarian, then sago would be a great option as it is rich in protein which is actually required for the growth of muscles, repairs the damaged cells and tissues as well as helps in cell growth. It would also be helpful in physical growth. So, you could use Sabudana as great food to build muscles by having it before and after a workout.

HELPS IN WEIGHT GAIN: If you wish to add weight, then you have to choose sago as it is a good option. This is because of the presence of carbohydrates and calories. While Sabudana is a starchy food, it would help you to gain weight as easily as possible.

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