7 Healthful Reasons To Add Butter Milk To Your Diet


The tasty glass of chilled buttermilk could be amazing when you gulp it down. Usually, traditional buttermilk is nothing but the residue which is left after the milk cream being stirred into butter. However, it could be prepared by diluting and stirring it well along with water in curd which is also commonly known as “CHHAAS”. But on the commercial front, buttermilk is made from fermenting no-fat milk with bacteria which is responsible for lactic acid protection. This is more adhering when compared to the traditionally made buttermilk. So far, you might have learned about the preparation of yum-yum buttermilk. But what would it do for your health? Well, with its sodium, potassium, vitamins, protein, and calcium content, buttermilk could provide wonderful benefits to your body. Since it is low in calories and fat, buttermilk could be a better choice than milk when butter is removed from it.

AVERTS DEHYDRATION: This summer drink is already made up of both curd and water. It would also infuse maximum with water and electrolyte such as potassium. Therefore, buttermilk is helpful in maintaining water balance in the body which would thus help prevent dehydration.

GETS RID OF ACIDITY: Foods that are oily and spicy would contribute to acid reflux and harms you with heartburn. The presence of lactic acid in buttermilk would relieve acidity in the stomach and promotes a soothing effect. Even you could have a glass of buttermilk sprinkled with black pepper and coriander which would be highly beneficial in soothing the symptoms of acidity.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY: When you start drinking buttermilk every day, it would highly impact your immune system. It would help reinforce your immune system thereby safeguarding your body from various infections and diseases.

AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: As mentioned earlier, buttermilk is loaded in proteins, vitamins, and several minerals and less in calories and fats. When you drink buttermilk, it would make you hydrated and energetic. It would also make you feel satiated and curbs the cravings for unwanted foods. Hence, this helps manage a healthy weight.

WORKS GREAT FOR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Buttermilk is actually a great one for your digestive system. The combination of healthy bacteria and lactic acid present in buttermilk is helpful in digestion and enhances your metabolism as well. Even it would maintain regular bowel movements and helps in relieving constipation as well as treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It would be helpful in averting stomach infections, lactose intolerance, and even colon cancer.

REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE: While you begin consuming buttermilk regularly, you could reduce blood pressure and thus be helpful in hypertension and heart diseases. Also, the presence of potassium in buttermilk would be useful in lowering blood pressure.

STRENGTHENS BONES AND TEETH: This cooling summer drink is a rich source of calcium. Calcium is highly important for developing a healthy skeletal system. It would thus make your bones and teeth strong and could be helpful in averting degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Also, calcium is essential for the clotting of blood, contraction of muscles, and beating of our heart.

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