How to tame your temper, Anger Management


When Anger turns out to be a dangerous one? “ANGER is one letter short of DANGER”

Human beings undergo multiple emotions every day in their lives. Anger is a common form of emotion and is also a healthy sentiment exhibited by normal people. Just think, what happens when the anger starts to interfere with your normal life? At times, anger is a quintessential one and is a natural instinctive one, which is nothing to worry about. What if the anger outburst is in an excessive manner and cannot be controlled? Then, there is a lead to serious problems. Your friends might have advised you to let out your anger and not store it further. But the excessive rise of anger is a very serious thing to be handled. Remember anger may not be in control, the way you express it matters the most. The major causes for the anger are Alcoholism, Stress, Financial issues, situations that are not in your control and maybe genetics and your body’s ability to deal with certain chemicals and hormones too. Let’s now peer into the types of Anger;

Passive Anger: This particular type of anger is unnoticed at times. As per the name, passive anger happens when an individual is so mean to some other persons. You will automatically start harshly expressing silly things. And this is where passive anger begins.

Aggressive Anger: And those who go through the second type of anger, these people will be aware of their anger. This particular type of anger results in retaliation and it thus becomes unpredictable. The person might also have chances to hurt or harm himself or the other people around him.

And next in the line is the effect of anger on health: Generally, people may say that anger is not good for you, Because it is okay to get angry but it is not okay to express excessive anger. And this may leave you to enter serious health issues in the body. Let’s flash the light on.

WEAKENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Are you falling sick often? Beware, this may be due to anger. Studies have shown that if an individual recalls the experience of an angry situation, then it may decrease the antibody called immunoglobin A.

HEART DISEASE: Maybe your heart is at greater risk when you get angry often. Studies have shown that if you have an angry outburst for more than two hours, then you are doubling the chance of getting a heart attack. Just be careful of your anger outburst and then consult with your doctor.

SHORTENS YOUR LIFE SPAN: It is said that happy individuals will live longer than the other people who quarrel and outburst often. And stress along with anger may lead to the shortening of life span as per studies conducted.

AFFECT YOUR LUNGS: It is not that smoking alone can be the reason for lung damages. Anger issues can also contribute to lung damages. Smoking and anger together harm the lungs easily.

So, if you do wanna get rid of the anger issues, just sort it out in a proper way. Find out the trigger and solve it out calmly. You should learn anger management and do express it in a better way.

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