Beware Office Goers! 6 Should Follow Defensive Methods During The Pandemic


While you have a bit of excitement in your heart that you are returning back to the office and meeting your colleagues, you should never forget why you have been quarantined all these days at home. Even though there has been no lockdown, your offices are open and certain public spaces are open for people. But still, you have to be careful enough when you are stepping out of your house. So, it is highly essential to safeguard against the prevailing pandemic situation. Well, you have to take certain necessary precautions while you are heading back to your workspace.

ENSURE TO HAVE PROTECTIVE GEARS BEFORE TRAVELING TO OFFICE: You might remember those days when you are traveling to your office and back to home but now you have take ensure that you have these important protective things with you to avoid being affected. Make sure to have hand sanitizer or sanitizer spray to sanitize your belongings and hands, an extra mask if in case your mask is damaged, a pair of disposable gloves, and tissue papers to clean your hands. If you are traveling in your own vehicles, then take good care of it too. When it comes to traveling on public transport, you have to be extra cautious in maintaining a proper distance from other passengers. Not only keeping a distance but also wearing a mask is a must.

FOLLOW THE “NEW-NORMAL” RULES AT OFFICE-SPACE: So now, you would be a little excited to be back at your official working place but never remember to follow the new-normal norms at your office space. You could talk to your colleagues or friends by maintaining social-distancing to defense yourself and others as well. Try to clean your space before using it for work and sanitize your hand before touching any objects. Do not give greet each other with a hug or direct hand-shake but you could follow other safe greetings.

CIRCUMVENT GATHERINGS AND FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS: When you are working, you might take breaks in-between which are necessary. As of now, you have to avoid these gatherings and maintain distances at elevators and other areas as well. You could even avoid meetings as it might create a chance to be infected. However, if you could not avoid physical meetings, then you have to follow up on the social-distancing rule of staying at least three feet away from one another and have your mask on.

USE YOUR OWN THINGS: You have to bring your own things such as power banks, chargers, and cutlery and use it for yourself. By using your own things, you could avoid borrowing things from your friends or colleagues at your workspace. You might ensure to bring protective items when you step out of the house. Similarly, you have to bring other necessary items as well.

MAKE USE OF THE SOFT COPIES: You could have provided hard copies to your officials but now you could avoid exchanging process at the office. Instead of exchanging hard copies, you could mail soft copies of all the documents if possible. This would in turn be helpful in safeguarding you as well as others.

RETURNING HOME: When you get back to your home, you should remember about the safety of your family or loved ones. You should disinfect your belongings and then take a bath. Apart from these, do wash your clothes separately.

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