Blacked my eye to bring attention says Abhay Deol


Actor Abhay Deol, who is currently basking in the glory of “Chopstick” pens down a heartfelt confession about the time when he painted his eye black to bring attention to Musicians and producers right.

During the release of Nanu Ki Jaanu in 2018, actor Abhay Deol walked with a black eye during a promotional event and stirred quite a controversy. The aim was to bring attention to the plight of musicians and producers.

Abhay Deol just took to his social media profile and penned a detailed note about what happened? Why he did, what he did? And was it helpful?

He shared, “That time when I painted my eye black to bring attention to musicians and producers rights and showed up on the red carpet of an awards show! For a brief moment, I brought the entire music industry together. It was a glorious moment, one that I’ll always be proud of. It felt as though the change was in the air, our strength came from our unity. Of course, everyone moved on and the status remained the same, with everyone (barring only a handful of musicians) striking their own individual deals”

“It’s a shame rebellion is frowned upon in our culture, it was the root of the renaissance, the impressionism of the 19th century, the new wave cinema of France, and the counter culture movement of the 60’s. It’s what gave rise to new thought, new art, new ideas. For us to create work of any significance to the world we need to band together, support one another, take risks, not look out for only our own individual selves”

“Our tradition dictates that we follow in the footsteps of our elders and never question their motives. I say question everyone and everything. Come to your own conclusions, with your own experiences, don’t just accept what is told to you by anyone. #testyourlimits #challengeyourfears #blackballedandsowhat?”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhay Deol is currently busy with Line of Descent, Bounty Hunter, Hero and Idhu Vedhalam Sollum Kadhai.

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