Hello Ladies! Revealing The Secret To Achieving A Perfectly Defined Pout


From Marylin Monroe to Angelina Jolie to Scarlett Johansson to Kylie Jenner- the plump pout has been all the craze for a very long time. Everybody wants kissable full lips, understandably, it boosts the attractiveness quotient, biologically speaking. But how does one, without the funds, resources or proper professional consultation, attain this much sought after feature. Not all of us can afford to go under the knife or to get the ‘youngest self-made billionaire’ worth injections. There are a few methods, however, it must be advised that the reader takes precaution before attempting anything that could potentially injure them.

The Toothbrush: We’ve all got one. And if you haven’t then I’m afraid your orthodontist isn’t going to be very pleased when he sees you at your next appointment: a toothbrush. All you’ve got to do is apply an emollient for eg lip balm or coconut oil to your lip or onto the brush as you would with toothpaste.

Much like brushing your teeth the steps involved here are moving your brush in circular motions, except instead of your teeth, the subject of bristle rub is your lips. This will exfoliate your dry, chapped lips but also increase circulation in the area resulting in soft, plump, full, red lips.

Spice Spice Baby:  Yes that was a Vanilla Ice reference, but remember that this tip is far from vanilla. You’ll need a spice- cinnamon or cayenne pepper preferably. Put about a teaspoon worth of this in your bowl and pour a sufficient amount of coconut or olive oil. Mix the paste well. Using the brush apply the same technique.

Go easy on the amount of spice you use as this could lead to inflammation. Let the paste sit on your lips for a while, you’ll know when it’s time to wash or wipe it off- it’ll tingle. That; because much like the previous tip the spice has provoked the circulation of blooding.

Sweet Little Thing: You can take a sweeter route and try Priyanka Chopra’s method of plumping her lips.  This is a recipe passed down from her mother, a traditional recipe passed down from Indian generations passed. She takes equal parts of sugar and glycerin, puts them in a bowl and mixes them up together.

Using her finger (you could also use a toothbrush) she rubs the grainy, moisturizing substance to lips until she can feel her lips getting plump.

Products: Of course there are many cosmetic brands out there that sell products that specialize in this very area such as Dior Makeup’s Lip Maximizer, which might burn a hole through your wallet but it’s guaranteed to work.

Using Makeup: A  foolproof method to achieve the fuller lip look is to use the makeup already in your vanity to enhance your natural lips.

Marylin Monroe used to spend ages colouring in her lips using different shades to contour her lips to a more full appearance. Use concealer to make your lip a blank canvas, it works as a great tool to show a subtle differentiation between your skin and the lip colour. Lightly overdraw your lips with a lip liner that’s either natural or similar to the colour you will use as a lipstick.

Don’t use matte shades to fill in your lips as that creates the appearance of thinner lips. A gloss will add more dimension. Use a highlighter right in the middle for some extra oomph.

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