The Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks You Should Know. Ladies!


Euphoric Visage

With everyone gearing up for a full-on throttle toward party season there is only one thing to do: talk about the most happening thing this season: The Euphoria inspired makeup looks.

HBO’s latest drama “Euphoria” has been all the rage to teenagers and Hollywood royalty alike (double nudge at Leonardo DiCaprio). What makes the show stand out apart from its raw and emotional portrayal of modern teenage trauma, love and even addiction it’s its aesthetic appeal, the makeup specifically, which has garnered wide acclaim, especially to the teenage Instagram demographic.

Pops of colour, glitter, sequins and eyeliner come together to dramatically show us the emotional state of the individual characters and inspire us to dare a bit more while at our vanities. The makeup artist Doniella Davy has mentioned that the makeup is not about just being pretty or corrective. It’s evocative and cheeky. It’s playful and ironic.

So.. how do we incorporate this into our glam routines? Get your mermaid and glitter eye shadow palettes, shades of saturated colour and face friendly stickers. Now the trick is, to have as much fun as possible but not to go full-on drag. We’ll leave that to RuPaul and the drag queens, they do it best.

You can go jewel-toned: Shades sapphire, ruby, amethyst and emerald complemented by a sheer gold dress. Or pastel: tints like periwinkle and baby pink defined with graphic black eyeliner to embody that quintessential 60’s look. Holographic highlighter has been a win for years already and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Silver liner, white pearls and frosted lashes.

Red lips, bronzed skin, black-winged eyes- classic, but with a touch of- gold on the cupid’s bow, inner corner of the eyes, and collar bones.

Saccharine tones of green, yellow, pink and blue to bring on that Marie Antoinette look.

Glitter liner to draw stars on the cheekbones.

A glassy complexion, achieved with the help of a ton of gloss and a Korean skincare routine paired with an understated graphic white liner and red-orange lips.

The possibilities are endless and the results- granted you’ve got a steady hand and good pigments- are astounding. Unleash your creative side, imagine your face is a Michelangelo sculpture- already perfect in every way- and your makeup kit is van Gogh’s paint set. You’re just adding a little colour and a lot of expressions onto what’s already a 10/10.

Makeup can be a freeing, fun, fleetingly beautiful thing if we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to look perfect. As Doniella said, “Makeup can express rebelliousness, delirium, confusion, elation, wonder, anxiety, surrealism, rebirth and euphoria of course.”

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