iCHEF, Taiwan’s restaurant POS system


iCHEF, Taiwan’s restaurant POS system leader, launches new POS service that integrates Facebook Rewards

iCHEF becomes the first Facebook Rewards certificated POS partner

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 31 July 2019 – iCHEF, Taiwan’s restaurant POS system leader, announced today a major update on its POS system which is integrated with Facebook Rewards, bringing a new point collecting experience to restaurant partners and consumers. Consumers can easily collect rewards by scanning the QR Code on their receipt after checkout. With this new integration, restaurants can maintain customer relationships more effectively. Also, stores can have a better understanding of how their business is doing through checking iCHEF’s system, in creating more opportunities in F&B technology industry.

iCHEF announces a major update on its POS system which is integrated with Facebook Rewards, enabling reward points collection by scanning the QR Code on their receipt after checkout

Born in Taiwan, iCHEF creates market’s first POS system that integrates “Facebook Rewards”

Taiwan has a world-class F&B industry filled with rich diversity and independent stores as well as a “reward points collecting” culture, which is deeply integrated to consumer daily life. With so many small-sized restaurants opened in Taiwan and the industry is being highly competitive, restaurant owners strive to create innovative experiences and are more willing to accept new technologies. However, compared to chain restaurants, it is more difficult for small-sized restaurants to build their own POS and reward collecting systems. Facebook has a high penetration rate in Taiwan, 19M people access Facebook every month, allowing iCHEF to cooperate with Facebook and create a Taiwan-born POS system which fully integrates Facebook Reward system.  It is iCHEF’s hope that the new iCHEF POS system will become a great tool for restaurant owners while solving the pain of “reward points collecting” through technology.

Ken Chen, co-founder of iCHEF says, “As of today, iCHEF has been installed in more than 5,500 restaurants in Taiwan; we find small stores eager to manage membership in order to keep their customers. However, paper-based point collection cards are often thrown away, while virtual collection holds up the line. Working with Facebook to co-develop and integrate Facebook Reward with iCHEF POS system, we hope to solve the problem with reward points collecting for both restaurant owners and consumers. It is also our goal to further complete the F&B technology ecosystem by allowing small-sized restaurants to build on customer relationships and optimize operational efficiency through technology.”

iCHEF POS integrates with Facebook Rewards enables reward points collection by making good use of every transaction

iCHEF collaborates with Facebook in integrating Facebook Rewards into the POS system. The iCHEF POS system will automatically generate an exclusive QR Code on the receipt after checkout, while the only thing customers have to do is to scan the QR code via Facebook App. This significantly increases the efficiency in collecting reward points for both restaurant owners and consumers to further help restaurant owners build and maintain customer relationships.

For consumers, there is no longer a need to download new apps while visiting new stores, carry a variety of loyalty cards at all times, or offer their phone numbers at the checkout. As for restaurant owners, since QR Codes are printed directly on receipts, new equipment are not needed for reward points collection. At the same time, with QR Code being printed on the receipts, collecting reward points is no longer limited to stores only. No matter it is a take-away, an order-in, or an order completed by friends or family, each point can be easily collected as long as you keep receipts. In addition, restaurant owners are able to check on the status of reward points from the back-end system. By making use of every data, it is more likely to successfully manage customer relationship, with advantages in terms of data, customer service, and marketing. Even small restaurant owners can enjoy high-class F&B technology as F&B groups do.

iCHEF POS becomes Facebook’s first POS certificated partner to renovate F&B technology

As Facebook’s first certified POS partner, iCHEF was the first to integrate Facebook Rewards into their POS systems in the marketco-develop the reward points collection system with Facebook for small and medium-sized restaurants.

The first beta testing merchants for the rewards point system include:  “Sian-su Lee”  that sells salty crispy chicken in a hipster way, “Dodoli”  with Korean tofu pot in the eastern district of Taipei, “Sweet Rainbow” with fantastic shaved ice, the popular restaurant “Mushroom Forest”  in Ximending, and “The Little Spicy” with spicy pot. Since the new features were launched, nearly 150 restaurants and stores have applied for iCHEF POS. The new POS system facilitates their experience with the new collection technology.

Shu-Hsian Lee — the founder of Sian-su Lee, one of the beta testing merchants — states that, “Sian-su Lee was founded only by the end of last year, and we strive to refine salty crispy chicken, a traditional street food in Taiwan. We’ve been moving towards a young, modern, and branded direction in the operation. Being the first partner of iCHEF POS and Facebook Rewards, as well as experiencing the high-speed collection process are a great honor. It is really convenient that we need only to hand receipts over, rather than buy any additional point-collection devices or software. Hopefully in the future, we can use the POS system to critically analyze data and effectively engage with members!”

iCHEF delivers POS technology and service that helps small and medium-sized restaurants to prevail in their own way. Instead of merely serving as an order and cashier tool, iCHEF POS collects information and fully makes good use of every transaction data. Believing the value of POS systems can be redefined, iCHEF will make more extended applications and renovate catering technology.

Learn more about iCHEF, please visit iCHEF’s website https://www.ichefpos.com/zh-tw and iCHEF’s reward points service https://www.ichefpos.com/zh-tw/crm-loyalty-point#fb-rewards-2

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