Sugar : 4 Worst Ways It Can Kill And Ruin Your Sensual Life


How sugar destroys your Intimate life!

Are you aware of your blood sugar level?

Did you know that your blood sugar level can impact your sex life?

Get to know about the negative impacts of the sugar in sex life.

People have been aware of the impact of sugar on both weight loss and weight gain. Some people might pursue no sugar challenge to achieve their required weight loss in their body. Meanwhile, some people never take sugar as a serious thing to be handled but what if sugar affects your sex life? Yes! Type 2 diabetes could affect the sex lives without your knowledge as per the studies. You must be aware of how sugar sabotaging your sex life by creating problems during your intimacy. It ceases you from enjoying satisfying sex life and negatively impacts your libido. You already know you should reduce the consumption of white sugar so that you could meet up with the problems of sugar and to lose weight. Let’s check out how sugar affects sex life and what to consume to manage sugar level and sex life.

VAGINAL DRYNESS: Since the blood vessels are damaged, the blood flow to the vagina and clitoris is reduced. Thus, it causes dryness and reduces the arousal as well as destroys the nerve. Okay! The vaginal dryness, in turn, wrecks your sex because the pain is severe.

DIFFICULT TO REACH ORGASMS: Type 2 diabetes might negatively impact the sexual function in women as it damages the blood vessels and lowers the blood flow to the sexual organs. This, in turn, affects the stimulation and makes it difficult for you to get orgasms.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: A study has revealed that type 2 diabetes might cause erectile dysfunction which directly affects your sexual life. The reason is that the high sugar level destroys the nerves and blood vessels, which in turn reduces the erogenous feel and thus making it difficult for erection.

LOWERS LIBIDO: When depression hits you hard, your sex drive goes down. However, the neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine (feel-good hormones) which are helpful in regulating your mood and libido level. But if you consume a high amount of sugar, then it would reflect on your serotonin levels and thus reduces your mood and libido level. So, remember that high sugar intake might suppress the energy levels and ruins your sexual life.

ENJOY SEX LIFE BY MANAGING YOUR SUGAR LEVELS: You gotta add more proteins and vegetables in your diet which helps you to balance the blood sugar levels. Further, eating whole foods and other natural food items would help you to have a healthy life by controlling your sugar level. And if you are boozing, just avoid it as it has several hidden sugars added in it. Better it is a wise choice to avoid it instead of devastating yourself by a sip.

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