Tandoori Chicken And Its Healthful Benefits You Should Know


The Healthiest Tandoori Chicken!

Is Tandoori Chicken unhealthy? Absolutely no, it is as good as other super-healthy foods. It could assist you in the process of weight loss. Often, tandoori chicken is exposed as an unhealthy snack. But we do know that chicken itself is a good source of lean protein and is a must high protein diet. Did you know that tandoori contains less number of calories? If not, then get to know about the health benefits of tandoori chicken.

The world has several chicken lovers who are fond of eating tastiest chicken but it is as essential as other foods to intake. At the same time, we might hesitate to add chicken in our diet as it has too many calories. The truth is that tandoori chicken is loaded with a very less amount of calorie content when compared to other fried foods.

Dishes such as Tandoori chicken, fish, and tandoori paneer are always said to be the healthy source of protein. Meanwhile, the most attracted fried foods are undoubtedly associated with weight gain and increasing the risk of high cholesterol and BP, which might risk our lives. So, it is the wisest choice to have tandoori chicken on your order list.

Well, what exactly is a tandoori chicken? The whole raw chicken is well-marinated by using the sprinkles of flavors, seasoning, curd, lemon juice, spices and cooked under high temperature in a tandoor and the outcome is the nice tangy and spicy tandoori chicken. It is healthily incorporated with fats and proteins and the essential part is it has no carbohydrates. Let’s peer into the benefits of eating chicken other than weight loss.

PROVIDES HEALTHY BONES: Other than good protein supply and weight loss, chicken also is rich in providing calcium and phosphorous. And these minerals will help to keep your bones healthy and strong enough. In fact, it helps to cut down the risk of arthritis.

STRESS RELIEVER: The presence of tryptophan and vitamin B5 in the chicken definitely assists you with reducing stress. Chicken is also a good source of magnesium which thus helps in relieving the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). Thus, helps you to have a stress-free life!

HELPS IN BOOSTING IMMUNITY: When you consume chicken soup, it helps in recovering from cold or flu. The steaming soup helps to boost up immune cells in the body and thus clears the nasal passage slowly.

The best and wise way to eat chicken will be in the form of tandoori, chicken salad or soup, specifically when you are engrossed in losing your weight. It is highly recommendable to avoid frozen chicken which has preservatives and it lacks nutrients. Do not even think or hesitate to have tandoori chicken on your diet, you can order it without thinking for a second.

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