This Independence Day, while Girliyapa teams up with Robin Hood Army to throw light on the topic of food wastage with ‘Types of Food Eaters’, The Timeliners cheekily portrays every Indians’ high spirits with ‘Indians on Independence Day’

 We can empathize with that feeling of not having another possible chutti and getting up from your bed like a king or queen the next day as Rakshabandhan and Independence Day fall on the same day. Well, don’t need to be sad as TVF is all geared up to make up for that. Wondering, what’s in the store? Well, TVF’s Timeliners and Girliyapa Spotlight have come up with two interesting videos ‘Indians on Independence Day’ and ‘Types of Food Eaters’ which will just set the right mood for the day.

Independence Day is that time of the year when we see the Indian tricolour all around us, be it toys, kites or of course, the national flag. We see confused souls mistaking Independence Day with Republic Day to people binge-watching patriotic movies, dressing up in traditional clothes and lastly, the enthu cutlets or the social media addicts sharing each and every minute of their patriotic day. Once in our lifetime, we must have crossed paths with such people and TVF’s Timeliners sketch ‘Indians on Independence Day’, starring Apoorv Singh Karki, Sahil Verma, Shreya Singh, and Akshit Grover,brings to life these tongue-in-cheek scenarios. Filled with such funny moments, watching this sketch is going to be a real treat.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, ‘Types of Food Eaters’ by Girliyapa Spotlight in association with Robin Hood Army, featuring Bhavini Soni and Pritika Mathur as key characters, depicts the different types of eaters. The video is a heartfelt initiative, through which Girliyapa adds to Robin Hood Army’s Independence Day Celebration while working towards their aim of feeding 5 million citizens in rural India this year.  The video portrays a variety of food eaters, from the clumsy one to the sophisticated one to the wasteful one. While making you laugh, the video shares a hard-hitting message on food wastage. Full of rib-tickling yet thought-provoking moments, the video makes sure that you think twice before wasting food the next time.

So, spend your Independence Day with TVF’s latest offerings, and make the most of that holiday!

Watch the Girliyapa video here:
and The Timeliner’s video here:

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