Add These 4 Herbs to Your Tea for a Calming Effect

A morning cup of tea keeps you active the entire day. While tea is calming on its own, adding herbs to it makes it a perfect morning beverage. There are a group of ingredients that you could add to tea, such as ginger, cinnamon, etc. Each gives a different benefit to the tea.

However, if you want a calming or soothing effect, you might try the herbs listed in this article.

Useful Herbs for Tea

We present a list of herbs that will complement your morning cup of tea.


Citronella, a well-known herb used in tea, is known for its calming effects. Here are a few things to learn about lemongrass as a herb.

Lemongrass is a stalky, tall plant with a fresh and lemony aroma. It possesses a citrus flavour. You will find it is most bug repellent and Thai dishes.

The essential oil from lemongrass is a significant part of aromatherapy. It freshens up the air, uplifts mood, and reduces stress.

For a long time, lemongrass has been used to relieve pain, promote sleep, and improve immunity. Consuming it with tea is one of the most popular ways to enjoy its benefits.

A study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry reveals that lemongrass is a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants act as scavengers for disease-causing free radicals present in the body. Some antioxidants present are isoorientin, swertiajaponin, and chlorogenic acid.

Inflammation plays a significant role in various health conditions, such as stroke or heart disease. The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reveals that geraniol and citral, two of the most vital molecules present in lemongrass, give it anti-inflammatory properties.

A cup of lemongrass does magic to stomach cramps, upset stomach, and various other digestive issues. A 2012 study by the National Institute of Health shows the effectiveness of lemongrass against gastric ulcers.

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Cannabidiol, a compound from Cannabis plants, is a well-known herb that gives several health benefits. Here are some facts to know about CBD Tea.

CBD is among 100 compounds found in Cannabis Sativa Plant. Unlike THC, another known Cannabis compound, CBD is not psychoactive.

Nowadays, many people are consuming CBD in oil, bakery products, beverages, etc. You can also add it to your tea, check out how much CBD should I take?

CBD is known to reduce anxiety and depression. The world health organization believes that depression is responsible for disability in a large group of population. Although there are drugs known to treat depression and anxiety, most of them come with side effects. Besides, some drugs are addictive. In such situations, CBD might be a good option. Researchers found that consuming CBD (around 300 Mg) reduced anxiety significantly during a public speaking test in a Brazilian study.

Some researchers also believe that CBD could reduce cancer-related symptoms. In a study, 16 people taking chemotherapy consumed CBD via mouth spray. They found that CBD decreased nausea, vomiting, and other chemotherapy-related effects comparatively better than traditional medicines.

CBD might also help with acne. In a study, CBD oil successfully obstructed sebaceous glands from producing an abundance of sebum. It also prevented the stimulation of inflammatory cytokines, a pro-ance agent. Another study also found similar results. So researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are a safe and efficient way to treat acne.

Other than these, some other possible benefits of CBD include the anti-tumour effect, diabetes prevention, antipsychotic effects, and substance abuse treatment.

Linden Tea

For hundreds of years, Linden tea has been known for its sedative properties. Some facts to know about Linden tea are:

The Tilia Genus of trees is the source of linden. The plant grows in various temperate zones of Europe, North America, and Asia. Most people believe that Small-leaved lime or Tilia Cordata is the most potent Tilia Genus species.

Linden tea is a part of various traditional medicines to calm anxiety, maintain blood pressure, and soothe digestion.

Various medicines include various parts of this herb plant, such as bark, leaves, and flowers. For tea, all these parts are boiled and steeped together.

A study reveals that derivatives from buds of the Linden tree, Tilia Tomentosa, possess strong sedative properties. Besides, its steeped flower is present in many folk medicines to relieve anxiety symptoms and promote relaxation. Now, several studies back up this fact.

Many researchers believe that extracts from linden act similar to GABA or GABA-aminobutyric acid, a chemical present in the human brain that prevents disturbance in the human nervous system. That means Linden tea might promote calmness.

Chronic pain is a significant issue for a considerable proportion of people. In 2016, a survey concluded that 60% of the US population suffers from one or another type of chronic pain. Surprisingly, antioxidants in Linden tea could reduce pain.

In a study, 50 women undergoing rheumatoid arthritis consume supplements with 500mg of quercetin, a linden tree antioxidant. In the 8 week-long study, the women witnessed a significant reduction in markers of inflammation and pain.


Basil, a leafy green herb, has its roots in Asia and Africa. In some places, people worship the plant and consider it holy. Here are things to know about these plants.

Basil is a member of the mint family. It has various varieties. At most places, it is famous as a seasoning. However, this flavourful and aromatic herb also completes tea and other beverages.

The scientific name of basil is Ocimum basilicum. It has different varieties, such as Thai Basil, lettuce basil, Bush or Greek basil, Sweet basil, and Cinnamon Basil.

The leaves have a strong flavour. Thus, a small amount is present in most dishes.

So, these are some of the valuable herbs to add to your tea.


Herbs are one of the best ways to get health benefits while enjoying different flavours. You can add them to your diet. Besides tea, you can prepare several other beverages from these herbs. They will taste good and will keep you calm.

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