Stuck in A Rut? Sometimes Joy Takes A Little Practice

It happens even to the strongest of us. There are times that life feels like it is on a negative loop. Nothing seems to go according to your goals and you just feel like you are stagnating in one place. You look around and nothing excites you anymore. You simply don’t have the energy and joy to get through the day. The most frustrating thing is that most of us settle, get comfortable and just don’t take the initiative to get out of the situation. But, not all is lost and your situation isn’t hopeless. However, the truth is that sometimes finding joy and motivation takes a little bit of practice. Here are five ways you can motivate yourself and bring happiness to your side.

1. Step out of your comfort zone

One of the reasons you are stuck could be you are afraid to get out of your comfort. You know that you need to make changes, but you are worried about failure or temporary discomfort. Don’t hold yourself back. The truth is that breaking out of your routine and trying something new brings long-term joy, excitement and new opportunities. There are many things that you can do to break out of your comfort and achieve new things. You can enrol in a class or teach yourself something new, travel more, start saving and more. You can also let yourself into new experiences such as engaging in retreat programs. Retreats are a great way to find peace away from your normal routine without minding so much about planning. You also get to mingle with like-minded people who have the same goals as you. Most importantly, they give you access to professionals who can help you improve your general well-being. The Iboga retreat program, for instance, allows you to rest, find yourself afresh and start enjoying the beauty of life.

2. Meditate

Mindfulness meditation brings about self-realization. You untangle yourself from the thoughts of past experiences and your own habits. This refreshes your mind, and it becomes easy to let yourself experience things anew. Simply put, meditation installs in you a beginner’s mind. With the newfound zeal, comes the motivation to start a new or to keep going. Meditation is also known to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. If you are feeling stressed, meditation could be just what you need to start experiencing joy once again.

3. Keep a gratitude journal

Everything appears blurred and negative when you feel like nothing is going well. To turn your life around, you must be intentional in allowing yourself to practice positive emotions. Being thankful shifts your focus from being unhappy with things that you don’t have and you become aware of the things around you that you should cherish in the present and be grateful about. Start keeping a gratitude journal. Note down occurrences that you find meaningful and powerful. They could also be simple things that make your life beautiful. When you start focusing on being thankful, you are inviting happiness and allowing yourself to find motivation every day.

4. Give more

They say that the happiest people in the world are the ones who impact others positively. If you want to find more joy, you can start giving more than you take from others. Just like being grateful, giving more makes you aware of your blessings. You realize that other people don’t have what you have. Moreover, when you take the step to share your blessings with others, you start evoking feelings of happiness in your life. You can find a worthy cause that you can volunteer your skills or start mentoring other people who are under you. Whatever you do, just be sure to do it the right way if you are to find joy and motivation.

5. Do what you love

Throwing in some simple pleasures in your day can be the key to rediscovering yourself and finding joy again. Even when things feel difficult, find something simple that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It can be as simple as hanging out with a friend, reading a book, watching a motivational movie, listening to uplifting music, biking with a motorized bike, watching the sunset or just taking a walk in the park. Make sure to savour every moment and have fun. Small doses of joy sprinkled here and there in your routine are powerful to boost your moods for the entire day.


Nobody wants to find himself or herself in an unhappy place. But, when you do, staying where you are only making matters worse. You need to make a deliberate choice to find ways that can get you out of the rut. Hopefully, the outlined steps help to uplift your spirit and find the joy and motivation to restart your life.

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