Best Whiskey Brands to try in India

Among alcoholic drinks, whisky is one of the most widely consumed. Whisky was first produced in Scotland and is a loose translation of the Gaelic phrase “uisge beatha” or “usquebaugh,” which means “water of life.” Despite the fact that scotch whisky is frequently regarded as the best whisky in India and elsewhere, there are a number of other nations, including our own, that produce excellent whisky. Let’s look at some of the best whisky brands in India that you should be aware of if you enjoy drinking this kind of booze while out having fun.

Best Whisky Brands in India:
Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue is a one-of-a-kind combination of scotch malts as well as Indian grain whisky. The business Pernod Ricard is the owner of this whisky label. It ranks third in terms of global whisky sales and is one of the most popular whiskies in India. The Imperial Blue whisky is the market’s most popular product due to its pleasant flavour.

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Dewars 18

One of the exquisite and best whisky brands in India is this Bacardi-produced scotch whisky, which has Scottish origins. It is a blended whisky that is 18 years old, has received numerous honours to date, and has earned a spot on the list of top whisky brands.



Amrut, the country’s first single malt whisky, has succeeded in carving out a reputation as one of the best quality whiskies in the world on the global whisky market. There are undoubtedly many fans of the distinctive fruit, honey, as well as spice flavour combination all over the planet. Amrut Distilleries is the company that makes this Indian whisky. Amrut is a single malt whisky from India and this Indian whisky is available in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Singapore, among other places.

Paul John

This whisky brand was established in London by John Distilleries and is renowned for offering a respectable selection of whiskies. It has the ideal balance of sweetness and heat and is copper in colour. It is unquestionably among the best brands you should try, primarily made of Indian barley and Scottish peat.

Royal Stag

When it comes to Indian whisky, Royal Stag has always been a trendsetter. Since the Royal Stag Barrel Select was introduced in 2011, its unrivalled taste and finesse have only increased. To create crisp whiskies, brands of Scottish malt and Indian grain whisky are combined and aged in hand-selected oak barrels.


Rampur whisky, a single malt classic whisky, is one of the best whisky brands produced in India and is also produced there. This whisky, which was matured in the foothills of the Himalayas, has a flavour that is a harmonious blend of malt as well as vanilla with a soft finish. Rampur is a high-end whisky brand that currently targets foreign consumers more so than Indian ones, despite being regarded by connoisseurs as India’s top whisky.


In the community of whisky, Jameson is one of the brands with the most applications. The Jameson Irish Whiskey, one of Ireland’s most well-known exports, tastes great neat, with soda, on the rocks, as well as blended into cocktails. Both mixologists and whisky enthusiasts adore this fine-grain whisky. Fine grain whisky, three distillations, and both malted and unmalted barley are used to create Jameson Irish whisky. Whiskey must spend at least three years maturing on the island of Ireland in order to be referred to as Irish.


The pineapple notes in this traditional single-malt whisky are accompanied by a creamy taste in the mouth. As a result, the Glenlivet whisky is regarded as one of the best in the world. This whisky brand is among the best in India and throughout the world. It is well-known and widely available due to its distinctive flavour profile and the fact that it is produced at the renowned Glenlivet distillery.



Aberlour would be an 18-year-old single malt scotch whisky with 43% alcohol by volume. Aberlour has a flavour profile that combines honey, sweet oaks, as well as blackcurrant jam. Your sense of exoticism can be enhanced by the smooth, creaminess with a hint of bitter orange.


The top-selling whisky brand in India is here to claim a spot on the list of the country’s top whiskies. Both the urban and rural Indian markets are well-controlled by McDowell. Due to its low prices, it has a 42% ABV content and is well-known in both Indian and international markets.

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