Celebrate August Moon Festival with Golden Dragon!


It’s that time of the year when Golden Dragon, the signature Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine restaurant at Taj Coromandel, comes alive with the  August Moon Festival, one of the greatest Chinese Festivals. Since the arrival of autumn is thought to be a propitious season and the weather is usually conducive to good health and enjoyment, the August Moon Festival is a festival of joy and health. 

At Golden Dragon, the specially hand-crafted menu by Master Chef Lian Yun Lei is filled with traditional quintessential flavours from the regions of China. With something for each palate – vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood – guests can savour delightful orient flavours!

Delight in special Tian jiang da xia (Cuttle prawn with sweet chilli sauce); Chijiao youyu (Stir fried calamari with black bean sauce); Tang cu wakuai yu (Crispy fried fish with pineapple and tomato); and Xiang jiao yu jiuan (Fish banana roll). For crab meat lovers, Chef recommends a simple dish made with fresh mud crabs with shell, and a new combo of oyster sauce and fresh red chilli – Hao you gao xie. One authentic dish that makes its way to Golden Dragon this festival is the ningmeng ji (Lemon breast chicken). The dish has the freshness of subtle lime flavours that are enhanced with kaffir lime leaves.

For vegetarians, savour Chef Lian’s favourite grandmother’s recipe of Coriander flavoured eggplant, Yuxiang qie zi. The dish has an unique ingredient of a special home-made vinegar prepared by Chef Lian and the eggplant is stir fried in yellow bean spicy sauce. Or the Xiang la tudou (Xinhai potato). And the much-loved Cu liu yuan bai chai (Spicy and sour stir fried duo of cabbage) – a light dish that is made with dry chilli flakes and vinegar, the combination of spice and tangy flavours are dominant in this dish.

No Moon Festival is complete without the traditional Yue bing (Moon cakes). Also savour Bo lu huixiang Bingqilin (Pineapple and fennel gelato); and Chef’s favourite nuo mi tang yuam (Glutens rice chocolate dumpling). These traditional treats, made of glutinous rice flour with a variety of sweet fillings, resemble a miniature full moon.

Come, experience the essence of Chinese cuisine with family and friends at Golden Dragon!

September 13 – 22  |  Lunch  and dinner |  A La Carte |  For more details contact +91 44 6600 2827

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