Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Amrut Amalgam

Raise a Toast to your Love with Amrut Amalgam!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the exquisite Amrut Amalgam malt whisky, a rich and harmonious expression of love and indulgence. This exceptional Indian malt whiskey is an amalgamation of select aged barrels, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. Experience the pouring of a dram of Amrut Amalgam, allowing its notes of honeyed geniality, dried fruits, and subtle spices to enchant your senses.

As you savor the amber communion, share moments of warmth and connection with your loved one. The complexity of Amrut Amalgam reveals the intricate layers of depth and smooth making it a perfect companion for this special occasion. Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening together or hosting a romantic regale, let Amrut Amalgam be the catalyst for indelible moments, elevating your Valentine’s Day festivity to a space of simplicity and passion that reflect the depth of your connection. Cheers to love, memories, and the joy of togetherness with Amrut Amalgam.


ORIGIN: Union of Single Malts from Amrut, Scotland and Asia. IN LEAGUE OF: Monkey Shoulder, Kincardine, Johnnie Walker Green Label

SAVOURIT: Neat or with a hint of water or in an exotic cocktail

NOSE: Fruity: concoction of Pears, nectarine and melon with an integrated sublime peat smoke.

TASTE: Fruit punch and transcends to citrus-peach-melon amalgam punctuated by peat smoke that is so gentle and enticing. The middle ground is soft and velvety with a tease of black pepper.

FINISH : Mild sweet finish with a hint of soft peat smoke.


Nose: A gentle but a thorough blast of peat laden with citrus, much like marmalade. Toasted barley sugar and hints of spices like cinnamon and clove.

Taste: The peat ruling the mouth with hints of spices and fruity-citrusy

undertone. Sweetness climbing through from barley and some brown sugar

with some dryness at the back. Mouth coating and salivating.

Finish: Sweetness lingering with subtle spices. Dryness sticking through the long finish..

ORIGIN: Union of Peated Single Malts from Amrut, Scotland and Asia.

Available in the following cities :

Bangalore – 4280

New Delhi (Gurgaon) – 2700

Mumbai – 5200

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