Food Photography Workshop With Assad Dadan


Learn The Ins And Outs Of Food Photography with industry expert- Assad Dadan ( Assad Dadan is a self-taught food photographer who loves to eat, cook, photograph, flaneur, film and experiment (in no particular order). He has worn many hats in the past – (Project manager, Animation trainer, visual artist, DJ, Breakfast-delivery service owner+delivery man, Horticulture grad; are some of them) – but currently all his time, spaces and energies belong to his undertaking – Medium&Rare – where he’s innovating engaging, delightful visuals for and with anyone who’d like to play.

He’s associated with several globally sought after names and establishments like Yauatcha, Hakkasan, Ballantine’s, The Trident, and a bunch of Indian favourites such as La Folie Lab, Mahe Goa, and Woodside Inn to name a few. His sharp eye and receptive wit have seen him foray into other aspects of the culinary world such as food and product styling, recipe development and brand communication. His annual Food Photography workshops have been featured in Stuff Magazine.

The goal of this two-hours workshop is simple- Learn to take stunning photographs of food using simple techniques and basic photography gear. Some of the topics for this workshop will be Finding your style, Composition, Exposure Triangle, Photography Demo using Daylight and concluding with a Q&A session. 
Date: 18th August’19
Time: 12 p.m – 2 p.m
Cost : Rs 2110 
Venue: Sandoitchi, G/34, Heera Paana Shopping Centre, Powai, Mumbai.

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