Lip-smacking Breakfast Smoothie Ideas

Brekkies or breakfasts can never be ditched as they make your tummy satiated and keep your body energized. Since your stomach is undergoing fasting overnight, the breakfast you have should keep an end to it with nutrient-loaded ones. When it comes to breakfasts, you might be thinking of certain solid foods which you think of skipping already. Well, we are here with lip-smacking breakfast smoothie ideas which are prepared in a minute. You do not have to make up your mind to ignore it. The luscious blend of fruits and veggies gives the best liquid breakfast of all time. So, we are here with the lip-smacking breakfast ideas to grab one each day. Continue reading. . .


You can never find anything luscious than this one-minute smoothie. You do not have to skip your breakfast just because you are behind the time. All you have to do is to make the powder out of chia seeds, flax seeds and almonds. Add them all to the blender along with freshly sliced apple pieces. Then, add overnight soaked dates and grind them together along with the required water. Grind them until you get the required smoothie consistency. If you need the sweetness in the absence of sugar, then dates are here to provide it.

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Like apples, bananas are one of the best smoothie ingredients. All you require is a banana, two to three overnight soaked dates, and the powder of almonds, chia seeds and flax seeds. Add them all to the blender and pour some water and blend them to get the lip-smacking breakfast smoothie.


The fibre-rich strawberries and mangoes are the perfect ingredients for the morning luscious breakfast. To make it tastier, you should have to add a few drops of lemon juice and almond milk. Blend them all and have a yummilicious morning breakfast. You will never feel the urge to eat until lunchtime arrives.


We see you frowning at the name “beets”. Perhaps, not many people are great fans of beets. However, you could make it more delicious and appetizing with the addition of blueberries, pineapple, Greek yoghurt and honey. Then blend all the nutritious ingredients in one go and you are ready to have a creamy, smoothie sip.


We get how most people are worried about the unused oats pockets resting in their pantry. Why not smoothie-ing them? It never consumes much of your time but a minute or two. When your body is energized, you can focus more on your work. The ingredients you require are oatmeals, frozen banana, almond milk, cinnamon powder, vanilla extract and chia seeds if you wish. Blend the awesome ingredients and add Maple syrup or honey if you wish to go sweet. Add water until you get the smoothie texture and sip it the first thing in the morning.

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