Pistachios & 4 Other Nuts Variety with their Benefits

Believe it or not, a handful of nuts for snack time can do wonders for your health. The rich source of vitamins and minerals present in the nuts can make it worthy to munch. Well, this is why your mommy has been running behind during your childhood days to develop your health. Well, mothers know what is best for their children’s health. Adding nuts to your daily diet can promote gut health and makes it function well. They make you stay full for a longer time. So, let’s check out the following amazing nuts and their wonderful benefits for you. Although you knew more about the immune-boosting nuts, you still might miss out on certain things about nuts variety with their wonderful benefits.

5 Nuts variety with their benefits:

Popularly known as an energy-boosting nutty snack, Almonds are great for your body. The refreshing Badam drink can never be missed when you talk about almonds. So, if your kids do not like to have it in its solid form, then make it more appealing with its liquid form. The presence of vitamin E can strengthen dental and bone health. It may also help in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Even it supports weight loss and boosts the immunity of the body.

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Cashew Nuts:

Being popular in the nuts family, Cashew nuts are both fruit and nut. How about the ghee-fried cashew nuts? Yummy, isn’t it? Well, the rich source of antioxidants can combat oxidative damages. Loaded with nutrients, cashews are great for your vision health, healthy metabolism, and the quality of blood. The fibre content of the nuts may keep you thereby curbing your hunger.


Otherwise known as Groundnuts, peanuts are known to be the most loved snacks like others. However, they come with the essential vitamins and minerals that can battle stomach and colon cancer. Apart from these, peanuts can manage blood sugar levels and improve the health of the bones. Moreover, it decreases the chances of gallstones and type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, it can develop one’s memory as well.


Since walnut looks like the brain, it is known to be brain-healthy nuts. Perhaps, nature never ceases to amaze humans, does it? Well, coming back to walnuts, could help ease stress and avert cognitive decline. The rich source of alpha-linolenic acid or a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid can help in averting cancer, developing reproductive health in men, managing diabetes, promoting weight loss, and protecting the heart.


While people love to binge-eat pistachio ice cream, they are not ready to munch pistachios as nuts. Howbeit, the consumption of pistachios can help you increase the good cholesterol level or HDL in the body. The presence of antioxidant properties may help you lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it may increase the good bacteria thereby helping you experience healthy gut movement. It will also enhance the flexibility of the blood vessels.

Although the elderly people and even the world are preaching to you about the importance of eating right, you must be ready to know it by yourself. While you are adding enough nutritious fruits and veggies, you must have to add nuts to your daily menu as well. The wonderful benefits of all these flavoursome nuts can be magical.

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