Weekend Specials at Justbe by Nidhi Nahata

Looking for a Delicious, Mindful and Healthy Way to spend your Weekend? Look no further— Justbe by Nidhi Nahata has you covered!

Come and join us this weekend for an enriching experience at Justbe by Nidhi Nahata as we honor the craft of flavors and creativity through our exclusive “Lebanese Superfood Bowl” that can be paired with our range of beverages and wines. This weekend special is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional and elevated plant-based dining experience.

Embark on a flavor-filled journey with the Lebanese superfood ensemble, featuring the Avocado Hummus, earthy Bean Hummus, a warm embrace of Pita Bread, the freshness of Tabbouleh, the vibrant spirit of Fattoush Salad, and the golden allure of Falafel.

Who said healthy Plant Based food could not be gourmetized? Here at Justbe by Nidhi Nahata, we break all rules – and we make sure you love the food and promise you that the food will love you back. What are you waiting for? Join us this weekend to celebrate the sheer joy of plant-based dining.

Where: Justbe by Nidhi Nahata

When: Saturday and Sunday

Price: 450 INR plus taxes

For Reservations and to Know More Contact: +91 95138 04561

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