3 Easy Exercises For Kids At Home

This is the second year of being stuck at home for everyone around the world. As much as adults are suffering from extensive tasks around the house and working at the same time, we have to remember that kids don’t have it easy either. Kids are used to running around and being physically active almost all the time. But even their spirits can get tired sometimes and during those times it is important to find ways to cheer them up.

Usually, kids will be attending schools and tons of other classes which will be a good exercise for them. But since everything is now online and they are probably bored and frustrated with living this life, we decided to come up with something important and fun for them: Exercise!

Here are 3 fun and healthy types of exercises for kids at home that you should encourage your kids to do:

Bone Strengthening Exercises for Kids:

Kids are still growing up and that is why physical movement is just as important to them as it is to adults. And the bone-strengthening exercises are something that they usually do during their sports class at school and now it is time to practice them at home too.

The best bone-strengthening exercises for kids at home are.

● Skipping
● Jumping
● Running
● Games such as Hopscotch

Muscle Strengthening Exercises for Kids:

This type of exercise for kids isn’t usually practised every day or every week at school. Most of the kids who train or practice these exercises will be kids who actively take part in sporting events. But that doesn’t mean that everyone cannot do it.

Here are some of the easiest muscle strengthening exercises for kids at home:

● Squats (Half or Full)
● Pushups
● Lunges
● Jumping Jacks

Don’t forget to show them some demonstration about these exercises for kids before letting them do it on their own.

Yoga and Stretching:

Some kids might not do too many physical activities like the ones described above. In that case, yoga and stretching might be the ideal choice for them. You can search for the easiest and beginner-friendly stretching or yoga positions to get them started.

One of the best things about this kind of exercise for kids is that they help not only physically but also mentally. Yoga and stretching can help gain some emotional or mental peace while strengthening the core of their body so it is a win-win.

How and when to get started with these kids’ exercises?

Anytime! The whole point of this post is to encourage the kids to do some physical activity so that they are stable. For starters, you can research and find some expert videos on youtube that regularly upload videos about kids’

exercises at home. Figure out what exercises your kid’s love and go with the flow.

Another important thing to remember is that kids won’t feel motivated to do it at first. So you can try scheduling a workout session where both you and the kids can do these exercises. It will be a good family time and physical activity for both of you!


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